PS4 - pay in 6 instalments with 0% interest - £349 @ SONY STORE (back in stock)

PS4 - pay in 6 instalments with 0% interest - £349 @ SONY STORE (back in stock)

Found 31st Oct 2014
you can buy a PS4 from Sony Store online for £349 pounds using 0% ARP financing, by spreading the cost of buying your PS4 with interest-free financing. The breakdown of your costs will be as follows:
Initial Payment: £17.45
1st Month: £55.26
2nd Month: £55.26
3rd Month: £55.26
4th Month: £55.26
5th Month: £55.26
6th Month: £55.26

Total Price: £349

Also: You can add Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, or Knack for a additional £10 only!
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And by the time you've made your last installment the console will probably be around the £230 in the shops.
You can already get them for sub £300, so is this really a deal???
Just borrow the £300 off a relative & pay them back in 6 monthly installments
There you go OP, i've saved you £50

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You'd be better off using an Argos card. You get 12 months to pay it back 0% and could get a bundle with a couple of games for the same price as this.
Yeah sorry, 0% on something £50 more expensive in the first place with no game even isn't a deal.
The thought that people might actually consider taking financing to buy a goddam games console is actually frightening
Not exactly finance when it's 0%. It's like saving up for it, cept you get 6 months of use out of it. Although, if you can get it for £300 and even with a 19.9% credit card you'd probably still be cheaper than 0% at £350.
Not as good value now as ps4 has dropped in price but still good deal for those on budget.
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