PS4 Pro console £349 - 3 year warranty!!! @ john lewis

PS4 Pro console £349 - 3 year warranty!!! @ john lewis

Found 22nd May 2017
Just saw this deal online not the cheapest ino but 3 year warranty for that price !

John Lewis

Better safe than sorry ha
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RRP. Not a deal.
You could list all JL sold electronics and claim each one's a deal thanks to the free extended warranty.
Rrp is only 1 year though
3 year warranty is a good deal to me you can pay the same price and get the one year ! It's normally a 2 year warranty with jl also

RRP. Not a deal.

This is absolutely true and I agree 100% BUT the bloody Switch seems to get a new deal listing nearly every other day for some place selling it at standard price and the most annoying thing is some of those 'deals' actually get pretty hot, when they blatantly shouldn't, as the word deal couldn't be further from the truth.

Anyway, I voted this hot in the interests of balance and the 3 year warranty has a value. Personally I'd look for a cheaper price with just the standard warranty as if something is going to go wrong it usually happens early on, but some people like the safety blanket of long warranties and this is probably the best price for it with 3 year warranty....

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Isn't this the launch standard price?
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Isn't this the launch standard price?

Yes it is.
Cannot understand why it's so cold in here...

Yes.Yes it is.Cannot understand why it's so cold in here...

I guess it's down to the deals with games and extra bits for the same price that outweigh it. Also technically you can get a further warranty by using the consumer rights act to your advantage. After all, this warranty covers for manufacturers defect only, just like the consumer rights act. If anything the John Lewis deal just takes the hassle out of claiming a return. So it's not really a deal or extra offer as you can get it anyway.
Save your money, Scorpio's coming out in a few months...
For me, the longer warrenty makes this a good deal. We got the ps4 500gb slim in white with horizon zero dawn off them at the weekend. £249 so retail price but they gave us 3 years on that too. It was purchased to replace a ps4 that died a week before the 12 month warrenty ended (tesco refunded) so the extra piece of mind this time is brilliant. My husband ps4 went bang after 6 months use too... it's like the x box ring of death all over again!
I was a bit gutted to see the ps4 and dishonoured 2 deal that's been posted but my son can play happily for a while now so all good.
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Yes.Yes it is.Cannot understand why it's so cold in here...

Maybe because this is a deals site, not a standard price one? If everyone listed every single item in every single store this wouldn't be a very useful site
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