PS4 PRO console with £7 of reward points. £349.99 @ Game

PS4 PRO console with £7 of reward points. £349.99 @ Game

£349.99GAME Deals
Found 15th Sep 2016
Previously codenamed the ps4 neo, it is now officially PS4 Pro and looks like a great machine for the money. This is now available for pre order.

This is a major upgrade on the ps4, so not really a ps5, but some serious spec improvments!!

Also quite resonably priced at £349.99 same as original ps4 and get £7 worth of reward points at GAME, sure theres many more offers on. I just think £349.99 is very good especially when lots of other companies blaming the weak £ to increase their sale price, good on ya Sony! Out in 55 days and counting :-) Get one before xmas rush kicks in :-)
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12 Comments a whole £7
£7 in Game reward points or £26 of actual cash (from the Tesco deal). Tough choice.
what game store do you work at?
brrrrrrrrr chilly
5 games ? must be a joke
It could only get better if it was £8 on reward points!
You can get a normal ps4 for under £200 now. So not worth the extra. Cold
I'm gonna hold off for the PS4 Pro 2.
So that I can hold off for the PS4 Pro 3.
GAME's employees have been busy on here the last few days. There must have been a company memo that whoever gets the coldest deal, wins £5 of non-transferable store credit (as long as it's spent on a full priced £49.99 copy of FIFA 14)
£349.99 that IS a bargain. Oh no, wait, that's RRP isn't it?!

what game store do you work at?

I think he must be the company director
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