PS4 Pro + Horizon Zero Dawn £329.99 / PS4 Slim 500 Gb Uncharted Bundle £199.99 @ Tesco Direct

PS4 Pro + Horizon Zero Dawn £329.99 / PS4 Slim 500 Gb Uncharted Bundle £199.99 @ Tesco Direct

Found 25th May 2017
Posted from mobile so link doesn't work, but the deal certainly works...

Enter code TDX-HKFY for these price.
Good PS4 and PS4 Pro deals at Tesco direct.

Uncharted 4 bundle at £199.99 Link…808
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Can't understand why it's cold. The link might not take you there but the deal is definitely on their website.
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agreed. pro deal with game i cant say I've seen cheaper. people want everything spoon fed these days im afraid mate. heat added.
there are many better ps4 deals though.

there are many better ps4 deals though.

Not many with game for £199 tho.
Good deal and heat from me, but I am holding out until E3 as there are rumours of a slim version on the way or price drop to compete with Scorpio.
People compare the Slim deal to the £199.99 Horizon + Extra Controller deals that were knocking around a couple of months ago. They sold out pretty quickly tho. There was the £212.81 Extra Controller + 2 cheap games recently, but is OOS now. Plus all the £199.99 XBone + Extra Games deals around to compare to.

But Uncharted Bundle for £199.99 is pretty good at the moment. Better than the £199.85 + Dishonored at imo, and that got heat.…082

Not many with game for £199 tho.

​I've seen loads of deals on HDUK about the 200mark today with lots of extras..sell the extras and will be lot less than £199 with one game.
£330 with a recent release? Heated. Should have posted them seperately!? I remember buying ps4 slim uncharted bundle with 5 games from Tesco for £280 at Xmas - all recent releases, dishonoured 2, fifa 17, mafia 3, titanfall 2, battlefield 1! That deal didnt even get alot of heat but it was the best one ever. I sold the console for £200 and 3 of the 5 games for £20-£25 each, keeping bf1 and tf2 for what must have been £10-£15. How smug I felt
Heat for the Pro deal, unless anyone has any better console+game deals for it?

I'm going to see if John Lewis will price match as they're offering a 3 year guarantee at the moment. I'll report back.
Just to confirm, John Lewis have honoured the price match, so £329.00 for PS4 Pro, Horizon Zero Dawn and a three year guarantee. Think I'm gonna push the button on that, thanks OP!
Just purchased for £329.99, wanted it today so got Currys to price match with game!
Nice one! In the end, I decided to wait to see if there were any big announcements at E3. Fingers crossed for a white PS4 Pro. Fingers and toes crossed for a WipEout special edition. Many £ I'd pay for that.
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