Ps4 pro with fifa 18 - £299 using code tdx-phj4 at Tesco

Ps4 pro with fifa 18 - £299 using code tdx-phj4 at Tesco

Found 9th Feb
Ps4 pro with fifa 18 bundle is 319, use code at checkout for 299
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Can't find a cheaper PS4 Pro to buy TODAY... seems like a good deal to me
Colder then a corpse
Hot from me, I bought this deal last weekend as I don’t think there is anywhere cheaper right now? Unless I’m mistaken?
There isn't I just want a cheap Pro Monster Hunter machine.
Oh matey with your £2 Pro from Christmas. Another thread to post in. Hurry up.
I remain, as ever, confused by the "clicky on everything" minority on these forum and their desire to see good deals marked cold. If I said to you here is £300, you must buy the best PS4 deal you can and you've got 6hrs to do it in, this would be the place to go, hands down.
Yet for some reason it's been voted cold.
OP - now if you'd posted a Switch game at full price, the clicky minority will give that a nice hot vote.
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Thanks for the deal. Ordered
When you factor in selling FIFA @ £23 or so your down to £276! Not too shabby!
Ordered mine and added some vouchers to it. @austin26 Is right about selling fifa. Not my sort of game so another £20 off
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Ordered! Thanks op!
I bought it. Thanks buddy.
Great price for anyone not in Worcester.
Nice find
I got this and monster hunter. Great deal. You also get lots of clubcard points on top.
It's now at 1c, it's officially a deal.
richardthompson799th Feb

Colder then a corpse

if you are gonna say this, then you need to help us all out and tell us where it is cheaper right now.. and the fact it was cheaper before christmas would be irrelevant..
Help code wont work
Just ordered it - code worked. I just couldn't wait for a better deal.
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