PS4 Rocket league collectors edition £15 @ Tesco Direct

PS4 Rocket league collectors edition £15 @ Tesco Direct

Found 22nd Dec 2016
Iv ordered this game for my kid, can anyone please give there reviews on this game if you already own or have played this. Thank you
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I've ordered this game for my kid

Nice to know
Rocket league is a superb game, any age can play it and enjoy it regardless of skill level. A lot of us got the base version free with ps plus and IMO it's been the best ps plus game for the ps4.
Also available for the Xbox One for the same price
What DLC do you get? I'm getting dlc as a present for nephews so don't want to clash with what I will get here.
HOT! It's an great game that you can play for <10 minutes for a quick match, or a lot of hours if you have the time. I got it on PS+ free, but then bought all of the DLC separately, which probably cost more than this. It's great fun, I play almost everyday and my boys aged 8 & 11 love it too and bought their own copies after playing it on my console. They play online with their friends at school
been this price for ages but is a great game
Football with cars, what's not to like? Great fun game.

When your team mate messes up. (_;)
£2 of is hardly a deal. Cold.
Only started playing this the other day and found myself up at 2am still playing. It's a lot of fun and quite addictive. It's not like fifa where beginners get thrashed. Games last 5mins so also good for a quickie too.
"Can anyone give there (sic) reviews." This is a great idea: writing reviews on the Internet. There must be a market for it? All we'd need is some kind of searching tool and websites which compiled the reviews... sounds crazy...
Great game but this is the standard price for it. I bought it from Asda at this price for my nephew for Christmas a month or so ago.
I can't stop playing this game....many times I have turned it on just before bed thinking, "I'll have a quick couple of games to chill before sleeps" .....10 games later....just one more game...

[img][/img]When your team mate messes up. … [img][/img]When your team mate messes up. (_;)

It's okay...


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£2 of is hardly a deal. Cold.

​Is it cheaper anywhere else? If not you're voting the cheapest you can get it cold! oO
cheaper on psn £11.99
thanks for all your feedback.
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