ps4 slim 500gb, FIFA 17, extra pad £259.99 @ Currys

ps4 slim 500gb, FIFA 17, extra pad £259.99 @ Currys

Found 14th Oct 2016
Maybe not as good as Tesco but that's showing at more now for me an still struggling for stock on the pad so again missed it but I'm not too bothered about mafia 3 to be honest as I'd of only sold it. May be of use to someone

Yes I know works out about 20 pound better off at Tesco but sick of trying to get stock an I needed a PS4 now for the new vr thing so was nearest I could find... so hard to please everyone lol can change colour of pad unsure if the extra pad is the newer type
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Game do this for £10 cheaper plus now tv with it
Can only see that one with 1 controller this one comes with 2 controllers but hard to keep up with all these console deals lately
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