PS4 Slim + Fifa 17 + 3 months Now TV £149.99 @ GAME for those who had orders cancelled.  Read details

PS4 Slim + Fifa 17 + 3 months Now TV £149.99 @ GAME for those who had orders cancelled. Read details

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LocalFound 6th Oct 2016
This deal is for anyone who placed an order the the PS4 bundle last week for it to be cancelled after confirmation of the order. (see above)


To qualify for this deal you will need to have received and email confirming that your bundle has been shipped. If you did not receive this email then you are not eligible so don't waste your time phoning. If you are eligible, do not panic as this offer is valid until the 12th October so you have plenty of time to get in on the deal.

From Games t&cs.

Acceptance of your order and the formation of a contract between you and Us will take place when We send you an email confirming that the products you have ordered are being dispatched to you, unless We have notified you that We do not accept your order


All you need to do is call 01256 784799 and have your original order number and an adviser will be able to process this new deal for you.

You will receive an confirmation email shortly after.

Edit: Guys, this is a "settlement" deal as GAME effed up. I would think this line could get busy so be patient.

Edit2: Props to KingYip for his input.

Also like to add that I have received my dispatch confirmation.

As it seems the lines are slaughtered currently it might be wise to let the dust settle before calling.


** Please DO NOT request or offer codes **


Just to clarify to all saying they recieved an email about this offer.

I did NOT recieve an email.

I called the above number and straight away he said are you calling about the PS4 Settlement I said yes,

He took my order number told me about the settlement and sent an email, I agreed then he ordered it and took payment details nothing more.

This offer is valid till 12 OCTOBER. THIS PHONE LINE IS DEDICATED.

fyi when I originally ordered the PS4 i recieved an email stating its cancelled, saying its shipped then free NOWTV and £20 voucher off ps4.

It took me 4 hours but I got through patience guys..

- ryansonic

Quick FYI - You cannot pay with GAME Credit from your GAME wallet on the phone - it's Debit/Credit card only.


- chaywa

Vlid till 12th October < Ryan

- MrMan2011
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Testing this now, will update soon.
This may be true...until 2,000 people see this and try it. Then it'll probably stop
Fair play to Game for doing this. I bet Very don't, useless t**ts.
Should be in misc
On hold now, what should I say to game when I get through? That I want the settlement deal for ****ing up my order?
Awesome if you were lucky enough to receive a cancelled order email

On hold now, what should I say to game when I get through? That I want … On hold now, what should I say to game when I get through? That I want the settlement deal for ****ing up my order?

Just tell them you are phoning regarding your cancelled PS4 bundle should suffice lol
Hope it works!!
Hopefully I have done this correctly. Here is a screenshot of my confirmed order.

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Yeah can only see this working for the first few people, When suddenly a few hundred calls are made and more it will get canned
I ordered a couple of these and got the cancellation order, will detail the procedure once I get through.

Should be in misc

We are monitoring. It's in Deals as it is a deal for those that missed out and the more that did that get to see it the better for them. Hopefully it will be of use to people

Thanks for this, will try on my lunch break. However, i never received a cancellation email and it has been a week since i ordered
Not ordered from game so not eligible but a fantastic offer, I'm actually proud if game for offering that deal! Well done to anyone who can get it.

On a side note, I reserved one ps4 500gb with fifa and ratchet clank from argos, but ps4 was 'collect in 5 days'. Yesterday I got email 'remember to pick up your order'. The games have expired but I re-reserved them at same store. I went there last night and all came up as 259.99 for ps4 and 2 free games. I argued to manager that I reserved the ps4 at 149.99 and 3 games and he amended the price on the till for me. So I am well chuffed after missing all of tesco and asda offers, in one asda I was in a queue and an older lady in frobt of me grabbed the last one:( but I got one after all! This is so much better for slim, well done to anyone who can get it!
On the phone now will try and let you guys know.

You have to love Game (you don't really). 'New Look Console'

Well, yeah. I suppose it is

Whats the deal before i phone?
Been on hold for 35 mins now??

Been on hold for 35 mins now??

10 Minutes now for me, Maybe all of Hotukdeals is on the phone xD

Been on hold for 35 mins now??

You been on hold since before the thread opened?

Should be in misc

Honestly, who cares if it helps people get a new PS4?
Hopefully very see this
Online chat is completely full, won't even place me in the queue, don't even bother with that route guys.

You been on hold since before the thread opened?

It was mentioned in another thread before this thread was opened.

You been on hold since before the thread opened?

This deal was nicked from another thread X)

Hi i tried PM you but i just made my account and it says im not an active user yet
Please send me a message


Just PMEd you

DM me a order number. Cheers
i dont think sharing orders so you can bag a cheap ps4 is very good , just really abusing the system it's ment for those who actually ordered it. i'm sure you can appreciate others might also want a cheap ps4 but if you snooze you loose.

Also sharing order numbers will have the other person account detaisl and i dont think they would send they consle to someone else anyway.

Edited by: "gotham82" 6th Oct 2016

I also have now ended up with 2 codes for the original apology deal which … I also have now ended up with 2 codes for the original apology deal which is PS4 Slim + Fifa 17 + Uncharted 4 + 3 Months Now TV for £229.99. First 2 private messages can have them.Codes now gone folks.

wouldnt they want to send the order to the original address, so anyone using your order numbers, will be paying for a ps4 to be delivered to you?

Should be in misc

Normally I would be inclined to be with you on that one, but as Game are sneaky ******* they have probably sent this information to only a handful of people.

Imagine their upset when they realise that 17,000 now have access to this information and AMC89 has practically just tied their hands behind their backs

It's a great chance for people to grab a better order than the already fantastic offer they thought they had secured until Game started making up tracking numbers and pulling the plug. Good stuff, guys. I hope you all get your consoles.

P.S: If anybody wants to swap a C chassis console with Lego Star Wars for this new Slim, you know where I am! (_;) (kidding*)

*or am I?
43 mins and counting....
On hold
I doubt they will let you order with some order number but different credentials, but I guess it's worth a try:)
could someone send me a code please
I had my initial £149.99 order canceled so purchased the £229.99 bundle they offered via email instead with 1 day click and collect to my local store on Saturday and it has still not arrived there. The fact they are now accepting the original order adds insult to injury. My experience with GAME so far is that they are utterly useless!

When I went in store to collect it, they said they had loads of what I ordered in stock but couldn't give me any of them because mine was a specific order. Why they could not give me one and use my order to replenish their stock is a mystery.
48mins and counting....
25 mins and countinggggg (_;)
Please no exchanging of unused orders via PM or any other means. These orders will be tied to the original purchasers account.

ps - And Buzz, you are kidding! FS that way >>>
Love how some people criticize Game for their bad practices and yet some are happy to abuse this offer by asking for order numbers from people who won't be claiming this offer. Talk about hypocrisy.
Somebody should notify Very and other let down retailers, maybe they will follow suit.
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