PS4 Slim + Fifa17 + steelbook £279.99 Amazon

PS4 Slim + Fifa17 + steelbook £279.99 Amazon

£279.99Amazon Deals
Found 8th Sep 2016
New announced PS4 Slim with Fifa 17 and steebook 279.99
the slim alone is 259.99 so great for those upgrading or new to PS4 making Fifa only £20!
Be able to trade in Fifa 17 for more than 20 I assume!!
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think I'll wait usually when Sony release a
slim version the price on older units go down quicker than a hooker in a brothel* (*so I've been told!)
The Slim is gonna tank so badly in price come before Christmas time.
Come November, no one is going to get the Slim, for just £100 less than the Pro.

Why Sony decided to release the Slim, only to be cannibalised a month and a bit later on by the Pro puzzles me.
Sure, the Pro is a great time for Christmas sales, but releasing a new SKU moments before your next biggest launch is confusing to me.

It would've made sense to keep the Pro under wraps until 2017 to compete with Scorpio. But something tells me Sony can't even compete with the Scorpio's 6 TFLOPS unit. For true 4K res (30fps)?. Pro seems to be just upscaled 4K.

Don't even get me started on Pro's lack of 4K UHD BluRay player, while the One S already has it built in.

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