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Posted 25 December 2022

[PS4] Streets of Rage 4 (beat ‘em up) - PEGI 12 - £9.99 @ Playstation Store

£9.99£19.9950% off
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Streets of Rage is a beat ‘em up series known for its timeless gameplay and electronic dance influenced music. Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, beautiful hand-drawn visuals and a God tier soundtrack.



Team up with iconic and brand-new characters

Axel, Blaze, and Adam teaming up with new brother and sister in arms Floyd Iraia and Cherry Hunter to clean up the streets.

Outstanding Hand-Drawn Visuals and Soundtracks

With lush hand-drawn animations, new combat abilities, and fresh tracks from an amazing team of composers, Streets of Rage 4 will be a masterful tribute to and revitalization of the classic action fans adore.


● Clean up the city by yourself or with another friend online!
● Team up to 4 people offline to take the city back!
● Classic gameplay enhanced with brand-new mechanics.
● 12 former Streets of Rage characters unlockable and playable in pixel versions.
● Play with the music of the previous Streets of Rage games!

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    Best scrolling fighting game ever, purchase is essential 💪
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    had more fun with TMNT Shredders revenge but might finalky get this, just didnt find the art direction appealing.
    I was skeptical because I herald streets of rage 2 as one of my all time favourites but I ended up loving this too. I'd fully recommend it.
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    I'll always vote hot for this game
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    They need to fix the online, way too much lag and it needs to be 4 player
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    Love this. Suprised it’s not included in ps plus. Completed it a few times. Waiting for tmnt to come down a bit before purchasing
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    Preferred this over TMNT. Both games are good, platinum on both.
    For £10 you can't go wrong! DLC is worth a buy too
  7. Avatar
    Absolutely fantastic game, and the soundtrack is amazing as well. This works incredibly well with the steam deck if you get it for the PC
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    I think beat em up is the genre for one on one fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter?
  9. Avatar
    My fav game of last year. As a big fan of SOR2, they really did this one justice.

    I liked it so much, I quaddrupled dipped. (edited)
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    Oh go on then. It'd be rude not to at this price.
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    TMNT honestly just looks like pixel soup and probably sold on nostalgia, whereas this is actually a fantastic game.
    Have you played it? It's a perfectly good side scroller. sor4 maybe more technical, but turtles is arguably the second best modern game of it's ilk. I really enjoyed it.
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    I have this on switch. It's great imo - gets played a lot.
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    I have TMNT but still prefer SOR. Will have to give this a buy good price to thanks for the deal
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    Played this a year ago, nearly as good as SOR2
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    Awesome game. Fully recommended.

    Does it include Dr X dlc?

    Survival mode co-op is my favourite
    No, You have to pay extra £4.21.

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    Can you play this with 2-3 people online (separate PS5's).
  17. Avatar
    Anyone know if any features are missing on PS5?
    Also assuming there's no problem with 3 player local co-op on the PS5? Concerned the PS5 controllers may not work properly. (edited)
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    Amazing game and a bargain at this price, I've bought this on playstation, xbox and for my daughters switch. This also has 3 player local coop which is great fun! Heat
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    Good deal for a good game. I'm a huge SOR fan.. I have 1-4 but I have to say hands down the original is the best. The characters, music, police calls, ending (bad ending) was immense!