PS4 with GTA 5 for £340 potentially £311.45, both brand new @

PS4 with GTA 5 for £340 potentially £311.45, both brand new @

Found 28th Dec 2014
Bear with me on this one, it is a bit long winded but the best that I could find for the bundle I was looking for which is a GTA 5 with the the PS4.

Directtvs have a PS4 bundled with GTA 5 and Little Big Planet 3 for £340. They all you to get a £15 discount if you sign u for a £1 Which? trial. So the bundle is £340 + £1 - £15 = £326. Then add on £9.95 postage, £335.95.

You can sell LBP 3 for £18 cash to CEX. You also get 2.1% TCB. So you would get back £18 + £6.50 TCB = £24.50

So total deal is £335.95 - £24.50 = £311.45

Hopefully someone can make use of it. An sense of it I suppose
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I wish people would say why this is so cold. It's a near £40 cheaper than other GTA 5 bundles
It just isn't that good a deal. Game are selling a number of £299 bundles with either lbp or driveclub as well as LoU - can sell one of those and buy gta instead. And what you are proposing is alot hassle and reliant on cashback.
It's still the cheapest way to get GTA 5. It costs £40 approx to buy on its own
It's cold because it's 2015 and people do not want to buy online only to visit 6 shops dispersing the tat added to a bundle nobody wants. It's a pity but consumers want easy shopping. Game sent PS4, GTA5, COD:AW, and the last of us download bundle to me for £349 1 week ago.
LBP wont sway people into stampede mode, sorry.
There was no need to visit 6 shops, just one. Thats great that you got that bundle with all they games. That bundle was not avaliable when this deal was posted.
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