[PS4, Xbox One, PC] For Honor Dedicated Server Free Open Test

[PS4, Xbox One, PC] For Honor Dedicated Server Free Open Test

Found 14th Dec 2017
PS4 link - (PS+ exclusive)
Xbox One link

Might need to go on uPlay to get the PC version

Play For Honor's Dedicated Server Open Test for free from December 14th to December 17th.

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Dreadful game.
Noct8 m ago

Dreadful game.

True it is a very lack luster game however its biggest flaw is server wise, which may be what a lot of people want to get back on the game.
This game is not that bad. Spent a few fun hours with my son on this. Great fun sticking together and watching each others back.
not sure its worth the effort, they missed a trick with this game and made a big clunky mess....
My son says his season pass never works.
Managed to somehow put over 50 hours into this, actually not a bad game combat wise, has some nice mechanics and the graphics are not too bad, the story (if you can call it a story?) is laughable though. Nice to see deicated ervers, people have been asking for dedicated servers since it came out.
Free? Overpriced.
Full of MTs.
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