PS4 Zombie Army Trilogy - £7.99 on Playstation store (login required)

PS4 Zombie Army Trilogy - £7.99 on Playstation store (login required)

LocalFound 14th Mar 2017
Zombie Army Trilogy is a terrifyingly intense third person shooter set in a gruesome alternate vision of World War II. Fight alone or team up to save humanity from the zombie menace in this apocalyptic shooter for 1-4 players!
Haven't played but highly recommended with people I play online with.
Shows as £23.99 in store if searching but £7.99 if your logged into PS store on PS4 or phone app
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sleeping dogs and borderlands also on offer

As are many others
Oh wow only been like that for a week

Oh wow only been like that for a week

And yet no one posted
It's PlayStation Plus that gives this discount
great to start but gets tedious fast,
Great mindless fun, kills time
Bought this the other day. Decent game, online is still active.
Is this worth getting guys?
Game is ****. Just a heads up. For this price you can get Battleborn, much more fun (even on single player).
I was hyped for this for it being 3D compatible. Looked awesome, got bored of the gameplay after an hour, stretched it out to two hours in hope it gets better but noooope.

And yet no one posted

The whole list I think was posted
Had <£10 left in my PSN wallet so took the plunge. Had no idea it was made by the same folks as the Sniper Elite series so familiar controls and layout. Very enjoyable so far and a nicely priced - cheers!
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game is ok, very repetitive and the slow motion kill cams are kill for about an hour then the whole thing feels like a chore, not enough varoety. Probably a bit more fun with your pals
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