[PS4/PC] The Elder Scrolls Online (FREE Week) - PlayStation Store/Steam

[PS4/PC] The Elder Scrolls Online (FREE Week) - PlayStation Store/Steam

Found 29th Nov 2017
Bit longer than the usual free weekends, players on PS4 and PC will be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online free between 30th November and 6th December (PS+ required for PlayStation 4)

Tamriel awaits, adventurer. Continuing our #10MillionStories celebration, we're thrilled to announce a Free Play event for both PlayStation®4 and PC/Mac players. If you're a PlayStation®Plus member, or want to try the game on PC/Mac, here's everything you need to know to play ESO for free this weekend!


The PlayStation®4 and PC/Mac Free Play event will begin on November 30 and run until December 6.

If on PlayStation®4, you'll need a PlayStation®Plus membership in order to download and play the game. If playing on PC/Mac, you can download and play for free via The Elder Scrolls Online official site or Steam.

All new ESO accounts are gifted 500 free crowns for use in the in-game Crown Store, allowing you to pick up some useful items such as potions, XP Scrolls, food, or an adorable pet! If you've played ESO during previous free-play events for your platform, you'll find that any previous characters and progression will remain, allowing you to continue your adventures in Tamriel as if you never left. If you decide to buy ESO after the free play event, your characters will be waiting for you.

The ESO game client will be approximately 80GB in size, so ensure you have enough space on your machine's hard drive for the download.
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nice cant wait to play .....wait....80GIG!! Heat
Edited by: "jdoggta" 29th Nov 2017
Can you preload?
Probably worth a shot (despite the colossal download), I've shied away from ESO as it's time I could spend getting back into Skyrim. Any keen players on HUKD?

Good to see it's £7.49 on Steam until the 7th Dec, though keys using the ESO client are only £3.99 at CDKeys.
jdoggta1 h, 32 m ago

nice cant wait to play .....wait....80GIG!! Heat

80gig! 5 days downloading for me
toner841 h, 27 m ago

Can you preload?

Yes, downloading as we speak.
Excuse my negligence, do you have to pay £7.49 in order to download or am I missing something? My gaming days took a break at Pac Man era :-)
It’s asking about a code. Can’t play
Never mind, just click O and X. Didn’t read any tips in the game lolo
I "only" have 100 gigs left on my gaming drive. Downlaoded it and then had to .... install it onto the same drive so actually coudn't.
Downloaded onto my larger HDD and then it installed fine onto that.
Seems okay so far. Got to level 5 at the mo.
Thanks for the heads up.
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