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Posted 15 February 2023

[PS4/PS5] Alan Wake Remastered - £10.99 with PS Plus @ PlayStation Store

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This product entitles you to download both the digital PS4™ version and the digital PS5™ version of this game.

In this award-winning cinematic action-thriller, troubled author Alan Wake embarks on a desperate search for his missing wife, Alice. Following her mysterious disappearance from the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, he discovers pages of a horror story he has supposedly written, but he has no memory of.

Wake is soon forced to question his sanity, as page by page, the story comes true before his eyes: a hostile presence of supernatural darkness is taking over everyone it finds, turning them against him. He has no choice but to confront the forces of darkness armed only with his flashlight, a handgun and what remains of his shredded mind. His nightmarish journey to find answers to the mind-bending mystery he faces will lead him into the terrifying depths of the night.

Alan Wake Remastered offers the complete experience, with the main game and its two story expansions - The Signal and The Writer - in stunning new 4K visuals. The tense, episodic story is packed with unexpected twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and intense bursts of combat where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness. The game’s cutscenes, quirky cast of characters, and the majestic Pacific Northwest vistas have been enhanced for an experience that delivers as much on its visual impact as its unnerving atmosphere.
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  1. TobiRIP's avatar
    Good price but pretty sure this will be on PS subscription in the run up to the sequels' release, which is when I would want to play it again anyway (edited)
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    Same thinking over here. I never played this game when the original was released, but after playing Control, I added the remastered version to my backlog. Been waiting for it to come down in price but now I think I might just wait until it gets added to PS Plus.
  2. ayerz4291's avatar
    As someone who never got the chance to play it when it first came out, I was pumped to play it when it arrived on PlayStation. Initially it felt a bit dated but once I got into it I fell in love with it. The story is bonkers (in a good way), and it plays really well.
  3. FreshPrince's avatar
    £4.28 for the Turkey Hooligans!
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  4. hazel2512's avatar
    I've had this in my wishlist for ages, last month it dropped to £12.49 so might just purchase at £10.99. thanks
  5. allginger's avatar
    I’m tempted to get this, any good??
    sdaspland's avatar
    Like all games it depends what you like, but I thought it was very good and definitely worth this money
  6. Lemming's avatar
    Wish they would just put effort into new developments rather than remaster endlessly. Really enjoyed this back in the day and deserving of many follow ups, crazy how long it’s taken for a proper sequel. (edited)
    cannibalwombat's avatar
    The first part of your comment is a little tedious at this point. New games and remasters/remakes are not mutually exclusive. Developers can also work on multiple projects in parallel, indeed we already know that Alan Wake 2 is coming soon. There are also quite a few studios set up just to do this kind of work - D3T worked on Alan Wake Remastered. The main reason a sequel has taken so long despite there being appetite within Remedy to develop it, was that Microsoft (the IP and publishing rights holder) refused to green-light a sequel. Remedy acquired the rights 2019, hence the sequel now being a reality. The 'remasters are annoying' view also betrays a naivety with respect to two obvious factors: 1) game developers and publishers are businesses set up to make money, and re-packaging and re-releasing extant games locked on legacy platforms is a very good way to make money, and 2) there is clearly demand for them because they tend to sell very well!
  7. saucymonk's avatar
    Quite badly dated. Wait for the sequel.
    cannibalwombat's avatar
  8. p_mcgraa's avatar
    How do you purchase from the turkey store?
  9. hiburn8's avatar
    if you have a pc, play the original. the remaster is a bit off.. they messed with the art design a bit too much. the original plays at solid 60 on steamdeck also
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