[PS4/Xbox One] Doom (New) for £22.49 @ Sainsbury's

[PS4/Xbox One] Doom (New) for £22.49 @ Sainsbury's

Found 19th Aug 2016
Deal online and in-store. Not the best price we've seen (£19.99 at GamingCollection last week), but seems to be the cheapest price on offer at the moment. I hope you enjoy!

Well this deal went down like the Titanic. Still currently the best price as of 20/8/16, but not quite the best deal seen so far.


Not in my local Sainsburys today, hopefully will go national then ill be adding it to my collection. Heat Added8)

Is it any good? I miss Doom of old and am hoping that this is really good?

Hope it has CTF?

£22.49 in my local Sainsbury's

It's amazing, bloody hectic though. I have only played on PC but the game is so fast paced I wonder how well it would play on a controller.

£20.99 from base.com (XO only) with possible TCB
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