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£5 e-gift card to spend on fuel (65,000 eGift Cards to give away) in Morrisons Via Vodafone VeryMe

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£5 e-gift card to spend on fuel in Morrisons Via Vodafone VeryMe

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Just scan your unique code at a Morrison’s petrol station to save £5 off your fuel, then head out on your next journey.

There are 65,000 eGift Cards to give away, so grab yours today.

What you need to know
65,000 £5 Morrisons eGift Cards to give away
One entry per user
Terms and Conditions
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Offer Dates: 23 January 2023 at 00:01 to 29 January 2023 at 23:59 or an hour after the code has been claimed in the app, whichever is sooner.

Offer Detail: The offer is a free Morrisons £5 eGift Card to spend on fuel. To benefit from this giveaway, you must claim a code in the VeryMe Rewards app and scan your unique barcode at a Morrisons Petrol station to save £5 off your fuel purchase. The voucher must be redeemed inside the petrol station at check out. It cannot be redeemed at self-service pumps. The full value of the £5 Morrisons eGift Card must be redeemed in one transaction. There are 65,000 x Morrisons £5 eGift Cards to give away. The first 65,000 people to claim a code in the VeryMe Rewards app will be able to claim this giveaway. Using this method, one entry can be submitted per user. Any additional items purchased will be charged accordingly. Offer period subject to Morrisons Petrol Station opening hours. Check your local Morrisons Petrol Station for opening hours.
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  1. Avatar
    Can be use for anything i believe
    Yup, was about to say the same. Can be used in main store. Its just a regular gift card
  2. Avatar
    How do trades work, its just a bar code? Do you give the number along the bottom and the 4 digit pin?
    Likewise with Costa? When I ask for 2 Costa codes, what do I get in return? Are they reward codes you enter into the "reward" section of the app?.

    Sorry, I am new to this and want the trades to work out.

    Usually a screenshot is the easiest way to use these codes which can then be scanned easily at a till - the gift card number and PIN may work manually but never used that method myself.

    In terms of Costa I know you can gift a reward within the app which then can be shared via a web link etc and once the other party accepts the reward you get a notification confirming the reward has disappeared from your account and added onto another account. Not personally shared a Costa code any other way myself but you may be able to share via screenshot as well.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Avatar
    First come first serve, you can have the Morissons giftcard if you donate a pound to any charity of your choice and pm me a screenshot

    Edit: Now gone (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Can someone let me know if it works in store
    It's just a normal gift card
  5. Avatar
    Begs incoming 
  6. Avatar
    I've never been able to access Veryme, I always get either an error message, or "Were working on rewards for you, check back later". Anyone else experienced this? Not sure how much I'm missing out on but would be nice to check
    Honestly it’s worth sorting out in the past few months I’ve had about £20+ Morrisons vouchers.
    Quite a few other freebies like tribe nutrition bars for £1, Costa coffees very regularly, £5 just eat voucher and more.
    Give them a call and get it sorted
    Good luck 🤞
  7. Avatar
    Anyone wants? Code only lasts one hour from being requested.
    You can screenshot it and get around a week to use it
  8. Avatar
    Lost my £3.50 previous as I redeemed just over a week after.
    So did I but if you ask the customer service desk politely they will usually put it through for you as it does show as still valid. 
  9. Avatar
    Here’s a gift card. Who use it just say thank you
    Apologies not to offend u, but in my views, Putting it out on forum is absolute wasting others time. Lots of people may go to shop and then learn it is already been used. If you wish to help, may Pm to a person who asked first. 
  10. Avatar
    Will happily swap my code. PM me
  11. Avatar
    Hi, I have x3 Morrisons gift cards, am happy to swap for free Costas / fully stamped Caffe Neros. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!

    *** These are now gone, thanks for your consideration *** (edited)
    Hi, probably worth you stating that you’d like 3 Neros in exchange for 2 Morrisons, or 5 Neros in exchange for 3 Morrisons.

    It’ll save you time and also the other member. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Anyone know a good resell site for gift cards?
    cardyard used it a few times a slight wait for payment but always paid sold £100 + voucher on there
  13. Avatar
    Have a spare code, looking to exchange for a just eat voucher
  14. Avatar
    For anyone having issues, I couldn't get mine to load, I messaged Voda via Twitter and they sorted it and sent me a new link
  15. Avatar
    I have a morrisons code will swap for fully stamped nero
    DM'd you.
  16. Avatar
    Hey, can someone add me to their YouTube family subscription in exchange for the voucher?
    Wow! Welcome to the family Tanya
  17. Avatar
    Non stop offers from Voda, I only pay £7.50 a month for my contract!
  18. Avatar
    Got tempted to buy a few other things. Morrisons is expensive!
    Probably price matching with Morrisons Prime
  19. Avatar
    Happy to trade 2 of my gift cards for a McLaren F1 LM..DM me yeah? (edited)
    Just messaged you
  20. Avatar
    £3.50 one from the other day didn't work, used the £5 on some washing liquid, plus 20p cash. I best smell extra clean.
    Too make up for that stinking hat of yours
  21. Avatar
    Used in-store, works as a normal gift card, doesn't need to be fuel.
  22. Avatar
    Can anyone PM me a spare code please ?
  23. Avatar
    Bit squid games this
  24. Avatar
    I have 4 codes available. Happy to swap with Costa or Nero. PM me if interested.
    Pm please
  25. Avatar
    Got a Greggs free drink on 02 if anyone wants to swap
  26. Avatar
    I have a Odeon code which I get every week (valid Friday - Thursday), a fully stamped Caffè Nero card, or any other o2 / Three offer available to trade for someone’s Morrisons gift card.

    Please DM me if interested, thank you.
  27. Avatar
    Thanks 🙏🏼 redeemed in time
  28. Avatar
    Who wants a code? I won't be using this (edited)
    Yes please
  29. Avatar
    Have two of these.

    Will swap for 2x Neros if you want both it’s 4x Neros.

    EDIT: Gone (edited)
  30. Avatar
    The comment sections on these offers seem to have become marketplaces for swapping codes
  31. Avatar
    Really like these Morrison vouchers!
  32. Avatar
    Anyone have a spare code i have a caffe nero birthday cake voucher expires today i can exchange for
    Yes please if still available
  33. Avatar
    I've got a Morrisons code looking for 2x Nero codes, pm me!
    Would you swap with 2 £1 Nero codes? PM me
  34. Avatar
    If anyone wants one message me, ready now

    ***gone now sorry*** (edited)
  35. Avatar
    have a code to trade (edited)
    Pm me what are you looking for 
  36. Avatar
  37. Avatar
    Gone (edited)
    Pm'd you.
  38. Avatar
    I used mine on shopping as dont drive so free bread milk eggs yoghurts bacon & cheeky doughnuts - cheers voda 🏻
  39. Avatar
    Happy to swap a Costa reward code (long dated) for a Morrison’s gift card; I have a few, so please feel free to DM me. Best wishes, Esquire.
    Would you like to swap for 2costa codes ?
  40. Avatar
    If all the Egifts have been claimed, they may well expire all the unused codes at some point. The vouchers from previous deals will not scan at the tills now.
    Did go to Morrisons tonight and get £15 of groceries(got 3 contracts).
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