psn uk: homefront the revolution £9.49

psn uk: homefront the revolution £9.49

Found 24th Dec 2016
Not the best price on this game, but may be OK for those like myself that have a few pounds on the o2 sims laying around with nothing else to use them on. Still not sure if I want to pull the trigger on it (no pun intended). But it would only cost me a £5 if I did which is what I said I would pay for it to start. Just bringing it to attention for those that have spare credit or don't want to go looking for it.

Cheers and happy holidays


Bought a physical, installed yesterday, good game, once the 10 gig update file was installed, I imagine the download version will copy pre patched, after a few hours it's a bit of a cross between far cry 4 and metro 2033

You can get a physical copy from the game collection for £8.50

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Yes you can, but as I said it's a good deal for those of us still using the o2 sim trick or have the sim laying around. Or don't feel like waiting or chasing down a copy.
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Worst game of 2016

Wasn't a fan of this, felt very stiff for a FPS


Worst game of 2016

Take it you haven't played the new CoD!
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