PSP Charging Grip - £4.91 Delivered!

PSP Charging Grip - £4.91 Delivered!

Found 16th Aug 2006
Go through Quidco for your 7% off taking it down to £4.91

Specially-designed control grip for the PSP
Provides better control and comfort for long playing sessions
Recharges battery during play, for unlimited playing time
Extensible handles for added comfort
Form-fitting design, just like a PS2 controller!


where? i cant find it but want one....

thats got it cheers mate what a great buy.

Ok, ordered but with issues, shipping was about £9 when i placed an order for 2, making it £20+ for 2, however if you add for instance the docking station for £3.99 extra you get free delivery, (free delivery after $25) so for 2 grips and a docking/charging station £14 all in, now thatts a bargain!

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Damn, I actually want to buy one of these now and they are out of stock!
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