PSP deals at - Pink Value Pack £149.99 / Black Base Pack £124.99

PSP deals at - Pink Value Pack £149.99 / Black Base Pack £124.99

Found 19th Nov 2006
RRP of the Pink Value Pack is £164.99, here it is £149.99.
RRP of Black Base Pack is £149.99, here it is £124.99.
Good deal for bothe, and probably thecheapest around from a respected retailer.

Also 2% quidco.


Thanks for the link to this site had a browse and found details of playstation 3 at the selling price of £549.99 + 3 games ...
Details sony playstation 3 ,60 GB ,HDD + 3 games ..Formula one 06...Warhawk...Singstar...
taking orders for release date of 7/3/07...
Agood price ? what do you think

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I wouldnt say it is worth taking preorders of PS3 jsut yet, there are roumors that it may be delayed further to abouth September.

Wow this is a good price, thanks gd_meister, voted HOT

I wonder whether any other retailers will drop their prices in response?

Tough choice now, Base pack & Tekken @ £150 at Gamestation or the base pack by itself @ for £125

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I think the base pack is this price just for today, so if you want it you better hurry.

Nice if you're after a pink one Seems like "pink" is really sought after this year.

If anyone gets one of the black ones, can you confirm which firmware it ships with?

black temporarily out of stock is it still worth an order?

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black temporarily out of stock is it still worth an order?

Id say so, by the time it comes back in stock they may put the price back up. Whilst if you order now, they will probably honor that price.

considering it. then again it might never come back in stock? lol. pcworld can be had for 134 after quidco for base pack. but can also consider gamestation with tekken I guess... hmmm decisions decisions...


Thanks gd_meister great price!!

black base is now expired (back to 139).

Not surprising they sold out since the £125 price is cheaper than eBay.

I will see if I can get the Base Pack + Tekken tonight from Gamestation.

There seems to be no stand-out offers at the moment, yet I have got 2 GTA games that are on the shelf ready to play.

I cant wait any longer, I hope Gamestation has stock.

Black or White? ........... Black is winning :thumbsup:

Mine had plenty of stock. also had plenty of 'pre-owned' psp's with games for okayish prices (not big enough discount to tempt me though). so thats definitely where Im heading

Black base pack is back on offer @ 129.99
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