[PSP] FIFA Street 2 - £4.99 delivered
[PSP] FIFA Street 2 - £4.99 delivered

[PSP] FIFA Street 2 - £4.99 delivered

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[PSP] FIFA Street 2 - £4.99 delivered @ WHSmith

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Synopsis : With 320 Pro Superstars, FIFA Street 2 allows you to utilise your arsenal of tricks to become the ultimate humiliation weapon. Use them to dominate and obliterate your rivals in a one-on-one skill battle or master the trick stick as you compete in 4 vs. 4 showdowns against the best the streets have to offer.


Superb price for a game well worth playing. Barely more than a rental so if your not sure just go for it - can't lose much.. Resale price should get you cost back anyway - Game/Gamestation trade in is over the fiver.

Original Poster

Thanks for the comment sean

good find OP

Cheers Op also bagged Tiger Woods for the same price.


great find, I really liked this game on PS2 shame its not on 360, very addictive

Bagged this & Tiger Woods - Great prices & Tiger's probably worth a post in itself. I dare say you could play these for a couple of months, trade them in and still get your money back. Thanks to OP & jamiesd. :thumbsup:

Meant to say 7% Quidco as well...!!

Superb price. Bought one straight away. Thanks for the post.

Showing as out of stock now, was in stock when I started ordering :-(

Great post! Bought FIFA St 2 & Tiger Woods 06 - Gonna suffer PSP numb thumb!

That didn't last long.....glad I ordered last night :thumbsup:

My Tiger Woods has now been cancelled. Fifa Street is showing as on order....

Not looking good!

The dredded cancellation email has arrived!

Cancelled........ must have been a price error and should have been £14.99

Never mind, on to the next bargain :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

Mine have been cancelled too - bah!

Me too - Not the first time Smiths have done this to me either!

My order is showing as 'Invoiced'

I've just got this;

Re:FIFA Street 2 Psp
We have received a report from our suppliers that there has been a problem with your order. Your order status is showing that your order has been invoiced and sent, however our suppliers have found a problem with your product and have therefore not dispatched ,I have raised a credit to refund your payment card for this item , our suppliers have now informed us product is now unavailable.
Please accept my apologies for not letting you know of this problem sooner and for any inconvenience this has caused.

Well done Smiths....

I've just got this one from Smiths today....................

Re: FIFA Street 2 Psp

Unfortunately when your order was about to be dispatched we found that the item was damaged and not suitable to send. I have raised a credit for the charge made for this item(s) which will be refunded to your account within 7 working days.
I am very sorry to inform you that this product is now discontinued, I am therefore not able to reorder this item. Please accept our sincere apologies for this unforeseen problem in dispatching your order.

I reckon they all got round a table and had a good laugh making this lot up just to mask their incompetence. They have a history of this - I once had a PS2 game that mysteriously got lost in transit between dispatch and my local store. Needless to say, this too was discontinued from their supplier. Grrrr..

Strangely enough, my psp game was also 'damaged beyond repair' and they have cancelled my order. Odd that! Awful lot of damaged stock around isn't there? Must be very careless at WH Smiths.

Tiger Woods is back at £4.99 (1-2 dispatch though).

Can't find the original thread for this but I know this deal was linked to it.

Did Smiths say this was a 'misprice'? :?

Here's the ]LINK
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