PSP Final Fantasy Crisis Core £7.97 @ Currys
PSP Final Fantasy Crisis Core £7.97 @ Currys

PSP Final Fantasy Crisis Core £7.97 @ Currys

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Bought a Sealed Copy Crisis Core at [email protected] Lewisham.. 3 more copy seen...
These are the original Version... Not the ugly looking platinum version.
Again, apparently Nationwide deal

SKU: 0000120732 I think this is the product Code


Good price as everywhere I've looked it's still quite expensive I might check in my local Comet and get it. Heat Added.

Heat added, loved this game

keluar if it's at all possible could you provide the SKU code which should be present in your receipt (series of numbers near/next to the item description) - that way if one's local store had no stock he/she could ask staff to check their system to whether or not other local stores do.

Heat added, one of the must have games in someone's PSP library - don't be put back to the fighting system for once you get to grips with it you'll realise how intuitive and, coupled with the design appreciate it's structure in accordance to the fact it's on a portable gaming system. Furthermore because it's a prequel to Final Fantasy 7, it's not that necessary to know/have played the Playstation 1 game.

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Sku: 0000120732
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