PSP GO white only £99.95 + 10 free games @194u.com
PSP GO white only £99.95 + 10 free games @194u.com

PSP GO white only £99.95 + 10 free games @194u.com

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The new PSP Go system is a sleek and lightweight system at just 160g, around 43% smaller than the PSP 3000. the sophisticated and stylish design incorporates a sliding 3.8-inch display screen, delivering the same high resolution and vibrant visuals as the current PSP-3000 model.
Leveraging PlayStation Network and digital content exclusively, PSP go system features 16GB of internal memory as well as expandable storage via Memory Stick Micro (M2) to store plenty of games, videos, photos, and music. The PSP go system is designed for the digital lifestyle, offering on-demand entertainment to consumers who want to download content directly to their device anytime, anywhere* over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. RemotePlay features also allow remote access to files on your internet connected PS3 via wireless internet when you're on the move.



Great price.

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who are 194u? are they rel;iable?

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i had a look on their website says they have been trading since 1972

I personally would not use that site.

Save any possible headache and if you want a PSP Go, purchase one from the recently posted Sony Shop deal.

The small saving is not worth it in my opinion, for such a substantial gamble over ligitimacy.
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They dont appear to sell much at all when you look through their menu.

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surely if you buy a sony product it must come with a sony warranty, the one from sony is quite a bit more

They added contact details - address and landline
not voted, prefer the sony deal for a PSP as it includes games

Awful customer services, wouldn't use personally

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all the psp go's get a free 10 game download no matter where you purchase it from says on sony site

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your upseting me guys thought i had a good deal here, aw well back to the drawing board

wow. great price

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wow. great price

thank you

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found this

Color us surprised. The 10 free game offer was not just a crazy rumor, its actually true! While PSP owners in America only get three games with their PSP Go purchase, in Europe you can get a whopping 10 games absolutely free

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think these are the games you get
Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, Wipeout Pure and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. Third party titles included in the deal are EA's FIFA 2010 World Cup and Need for Speed Shift, Rockstar's Gran Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines and one other.

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woohoo made it to hot board thank you guys

Horrible company, awful customer service, ordered the batman game last year when it was the cheapest price at that moment (as a lot of people on here know) hey didn't have enough to fill all the orders that came, they had 4 copies to sell, so I got in touch and their customer service was terrible. Avoid company IMHO, not voted either way

Thawte logo redirects to the same page, that's iffy

I think fake (Chinese version), but that's just my opinion.

sorely tempted by a psp as there seems to be more good games coming out recently but the lack of physical media and no preowned/tradein kinda turns me off as i'm sure with a 3000 and a bit of smart shopping i can save money. any pspgo owners with to share their thoughts on t'matter of a sole distributor for software ?

Site really does look suss, but it could just be how amateur it is. It says PayPal is accepted, so should be safe enough. Not sure I'd chance it.

mmm well made site (not) dodgy to me.

Will vat not be added to the price as well as other duties? So price would be in excess of £120. See their terms & conditions for verification! Other deal seems far better as a result

Also unable to do company checks as they're not a UK company!

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found this if its any help

194U is a trading name owned and operated by Number 19 a privately run Guernsey organisation with over 30 years of experience in the music trade. Number 19's registered address is Number 19, First Floor, Harbour Court, Les Amballes, St. Peter Port, GY1 1WU. (Guernsey company registration number 45173).

It is green from weboftrust add on for firefox, which suggests it's safe.


It is green from weboftrust add on for firefox, which suggests it's safe.

Light green

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anyway to post that pic

becarefull people.

This is cold for me as follows


The purchase and contract between the Customer and 194U shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Guernsey law and shall be deemed to have been performed within Guernsey. The prices displayed are exclusive of local tax such as VAT, Goods sales tax and duty. Consignments sent to the UK of a value of £18 or under are exempt from VAT. Consignments over £18 will have VAT included to the sale and 194U will collect UK import VAT on your behalf (evidence of payment can not be supplied).

Once you added the VAT and what else....£116.325 + 99 Pence delivery charge,

I dont think it would be worth it! Having said that I will call them first thing in the morning to confirm
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Wow, crazy good price. With confirmed delivery and no problems this could go very hot indeed.

Actually a good deal if true.

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why have they put expired its not expired

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ok now back on

You click buy and it takes you to a page that says "Sorry, there are currently no items to display in your cart" so this was rightly expired.


Light green

Never knew there was a difference in shade of green. Cheers, budd.

inb4 the "anyone ever dealt with 194u.com" threads appear in the misc!

If you're going to purchase games frequently, it will cost you more in the long run (than a standard PSP).
Good price, however. But, as everyone else seems to be saying, the store looks a little off. Still, you should be protected by Trading Standards, although it's a hassle to go through, if you end up getting ripped off, or something.
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