PSP - Kazook £2.98 Free Shipping @ The Game Collection

PSP - Kazook £2.98 Free Shipping @ The Game Collection

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Found 10th Aug 2008Made hot 12th Aug 2008
A fun little game to score for under £3, I must say that's a very good bargin.
A nice little game boasting mini games that vary from Fighting to Racing, a little something for everyone.
Over 300 in stock, i've got mine coming in the mail!


Hey, good find. Will buy one for my friend's son and will put it away til christmas.

Heat and rep added since its a nice deal :-) xx

Another good deal x hot & rep added

an old game with not very good ratings, but worth £2.99!

with the lack of new games out for the psp, i've decided to take the plunge!

yep its hoTT

hot regardless of game; cex will give you £4 cash for it, ebay is around £5-6. now if only there was a cex anywhere near :-( tip: while at cex, don't try and do two things at once. like sell for cash and buy with an old voucher. oh dear. ohh dear oh dear oh dear... 20 minutes that took to clear up... :roll:

voted hot
xmas present for nephew sorted

i do like "pocket-change" games!

Can I vote cold because I've seen the word 'bargin' too many times this week?

Reviews for this don;t look especially promising...…asp
But I s'pose is worth a shot at £2.98

Especially with cex trade in at £4.
Cheers OP

Many thanks - great little filler for my son's birthday pressies! :thumbsup:
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