PSP Mirror Screen Protector - Was £4.71 Now £1.00 @ Tesco Direct

PSP Mirror Screen Protector - Was £4.71 Now £1.00 @ Tesco Direct

Found 5th May 2009Made hot 5th May 2009
Filler item.

This PSP mirror screen protector protects the screen of your PSP from various scratches and marks. Removable


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good deal thankyou

nice filler item!

Voted hot.
Great deal - £5 postage to home/nearest large Tesco unless filler item as pointed out by Mallinersha

Voted Cold - £5 delivery is a joke.


Voted Cold - £5 delivery is a joke.

OP Did state the deal was based on this being a filer item.


Good filler, thanks whizzkid

How much do you have to spend to get free delivery?

hot hot hot


You could always buy the ]MAGI-MIRROR SCREEN™ from CellSavers which is a mirror screen protector for £1.99 (Universal Size). Delivery is £1.99

From experience if you get one of these and are in even a moderatly bright room you won't be able to see anything but your own face, that is unless you turn your psp's brightness to the max setting, which screwes up the battery life (which is allready pretty poor) so a cold vote from me, get a clear screen protector instead, or better still a slip case or hard case to protect it all not just the screen
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