PSP Slim and Lite (Black)
PSP Slim and Lite (Black)

PSP Slim and Lite (Black)

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This reworked and improved PSP console is 33% lighter and 19% thinner than its predecessor, and is equipped with a video-out port, allowing users to view their PSP content on their home TV.


cool, i don't see why they just made it thinner. It needs two analogue sticks.

Looks EXACTLY the same, I reckon theyre pictures of the original PSP.

no its not, because the speakers have been moved up towards the top of the screen

Apparently the loading times are a lot better.

isnt this just the launch price?

load times are apparently meant to be slightly better due to more ram, i doubt theyll increase much tho as the UMD drive is the same speed, also, even if it faster gonna take ages, wwf takes you about 5 minutes to get from power on to into a game!

This launch price is pretty reasonable for this update, same as the prices now right?

i remember when i paid 229 for an import pspc:giggle: :giggle:

If you get it from play.com you also get quidco @ 5%

So have to vote cold on this, I'm afraid.

HOWEVER - I'm very surprised at Sony selling it for this price, as I thought they'd cash in and sell it for £150+

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I will be buying from Play via Quidco too, Just posted it on here as it was the first place I had seen giving a definate release date


load times are apparently meant to be slightly better due to more ram

It's not, its because they've put a dedicated caching chip on there so it no longer streams constantly from the media source.

I thought it was meant to be 99.99 at launch

the slimmer version has tv out so you can play it on the big screen,also you can use it as a controller for the ps3,its not much slimmer or lighter,they could of done something better like touch screen or something similar

This isn't exactly a "hot deal". £119.99 is probably what every store is going to be selling the PSP slim for. A good deal would've been the PSP slim for £99.99.

BTW, anyone who took advantage of the great Asda offer for a PSP for £50, can trade the PSP in at Game. I heard they're giving £80ish for it, so if you were one of those people who bagged 6 or so, you can trade in two or three and then buy a PSP slim from there as well as bagging a big profit.

Mmm Have to get 1 of them.

tv out is the only thing that really tempts me to swap. if you've not got one then it's a good price, if you're just upgrading then it's not as good

my psp is kind of ruined. The firmware tried to upgrade one day and now it doesnt load anything from the UMD Drive also the cap on the analogue stick broke off so its just a pointy stick now haha

Shame they didn't improve the screen really. Doesn't look like much of an improvement over the original PSP.
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