PSP Slim & Lite - HMV Student = Possible £116.99 Or Less

PSP Slim & Lite - HMV Student = Possible £116.99 Or Less

Found 26th Sep 2007
Deal Info -

Just checked with my new HMV student card, and the PSP Slim & Lite console, is the only console that comes up discounted with your student discount code.

I am already an HMV Online customer, so i can get it for £116.99
Quidco at 2%, but if it is mistakenly placed as a game it may also be tracked at 5% so possibly total of £111.14


New HMV online customers get 15% discount on their first order meaning £110.49
Also, with an HMV Games card, you get 500 points for registering, 1100 points for the purchase = 1600 points.
1000 points equal £5 voucher.
Then, as above Quidco, unsure of tracking so, 2% = £108.28 | 5% = £104.97

Possible £104.97 for the new console with a £5 games voucher.

So there ya go, jammy students could be getting this for just under the £100 mark when the voucher is taken into consideration.

Product Info - The PSP finally gets a long awaited makeover, in the form of the PSP Slim and Lite. While succeeding the basic functions and design philosophy of the current PSP including a 4.3 inch wide high resolution LCD screen, overwhelmingly large for a handheld device, the new PSP is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer than the original version, making the all-in-one handheld entertainment system even easier to carry around at approximately 189g in weight and 18.6mm in thickness.

Adding a video-out port enables new PSP users to experience high quality UMD, pictures and movies from Memory Stick Duo and game software titles on their TVs at home. Also, the new PSP is equipped with enhanced features to temporarily store game data from UMD, reducing load time during game play. Moreover, the ability to charge the unit through PLAYSTATION 3 or PC via USB cable during data transfer is newly equipped, further positioning PSP as a true handheld device.

7 Comments you could buy one (or more) & re-sell for at least a tenner profit.

Drinks on you then!

Mind you, with all those calculations above, you may just have a "round in" error.

I'll get my coat...



Original Poster

Would be wary about buying too many in the one go.
Someones forgot to take off the discount for the PSP Lite , so someone making a bulk purchase may raise eyebrows.

Also its damn easy to get a student card now.
Just get anyone thats full or part time student and get one from them, they dont take down names like they used to. They just give you the card, and you take it home and apply it to your own account.
Last year they took your email and address, so it it was used on anyone elses it wouldnt work, this year you just get a card and apply it to any account you want.

Surprised they are doing that, since theres nothing to stop students getting as many cards as they want and giving to all their friends and family.

Was too damn tempted to buy one, but got a car this month lol.

Im very very tempted at that price but luckily i dont have any money

:viking: :viking:I Dont Have Money:viking: :viking:

If it was a DS Lite I'd get it.

Voted hot!

Damm I dont know any students!
Any students out there gonna sent me a card?:friends:I'll be you best friend!

I thought student discount not applied to hardwares even if does show online as it normally does then you get emails its was cancelled because its not allow.

Beside no good games on psp till next summer when Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core comes out in the U.S
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