PSP Slim Premium Component AV Cable for PSP 2000
PSP Slim Premium Component AV Cable for PSP 2000

PSP Slim Premium Component AV Cable for PSP 2000

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This is my first post, so please be kind.

I thought this was totally cheap, you can buy this in retail for £15.00 but on Deal Extreme it's about £6.25

Brilliant for the new PSP Slim owners it allows them to play games on their TV using the PSP as a joypad.

Please note this will not work with the original PSP.


On the site pictures, they're saying it's a 'Sony Product', which is not true. Sony have not brought out an official component cable..

I'm avoiding this. Thanks though.

Also like to point out that using a Component cable is the only way to get games to run via a TV and it has to be progressive scan.
Also it is a boxed picture and will not fill the entirety of your screen.
I have ordered one of the 2 in 1 AV/ S-Video cables from Deal extreme, will let anyone who is interested know what it is like (in 5 years) when it turns up from them
but this will still only allow me to output UMD movies, Pictures and the small amount of homebrew that has currently been adapted for use with it (so far only an unofficial build of gpsp 0.9 I think).Why sony did not allow use of the composite AV cable to run games is beyond me, not all of us want to buy a new TV yet especially not after having to fork out for a new PSP just to get it on the damn thing!!
Hope that clears a few things up,


These are cheap chinese fakes, you get what you pay for.

Game have the official ones in stock (although they have put the wrong picture up)



My TV doesent have Prog Scan so rules me out, and being a handheld system beats me why anyone would want to play it on a full size TV! as a soon to be PSP (slim) owner can anyone point me in the direction of good quality, reasonably prices cases & screen protectors or is ebay the best/cheapest option.
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