PSP Value Pack with GTA Vice City and Tekken £179.99 (In-store @ HMV)
PSP Value Pack with GTA Vice City and Tekken £179.99 (In-store @ HMV)

PSP Value Pack with GTA Vice City and Tekken £179.99 (In-store @ HMV)

I brought the PSP Value Pack with GTA Vice City and Tekken £179.99 limited offer in HMV bond st. Not sure if its at other stores.
But I was told that Value pack and giga have been discontinued, so i took it cos most places online have sold out.


Looks like an in-store only deal - I'll add that to the thread title

A warm welcome to HotUKDeals reef west!

Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too reef west Thanks for the post!

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hey guys i was here b4 under the name reef, but had problems logging in due to cookie issues.

I was here for the Lx direct codes and £3 trainers

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Yeah it is an offline deal. So be quick

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I took back Tekken and got a gift card for 29.95 :thumbsup:

Where did you find out that they have discontinued those packs? I have been trying to buy a psp on the hmv website as I have £200 in e-vouchers but they are all sold out and have been since before christmas.

Will they be getting any more in stock?



the price in manchester hmv is 164.99 with both games mate!

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Well in London the offer has now turn into £164.99 with the base pack not value pack. Plus i took Tekken back and got Pro Evo 6 and and the usb cable and charger in 1.

They won be making the value pack n e more, just if the store still have them, I was told by a member of staff at Game.

If they are discontinuing them what will they be bringing out instead?

There are very strong rumours Sony will debut the Sony PSP2 early next year and release it 3Q next year. Though given the fiasco with the exploding batteries, Blu-Ray and PS3, it may look like 2008.

I have have heard those rumours but what about the psp1 if they are not doing the value/giga packs anymore. I have £200 evouchers on hmv and want a psp but they are out of stock of everything should I wait? Vouchers are valid til may 31st.

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Well they just making the base pack.

I think ur best bet is to email Hmv about the psp not being in stock.
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