PSVR The Diner Duo £11.99 on psn

PSVR The Diner Duo £11.99 on psn

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Released today and was showing at 19.99 but has been repriced to 11.99

Reviews well and couch co-op

VR The Diner Duo is a local multiplayer game where you need to communicate to manage a diner together.

- Asymmetrical multiplayer
- Full single- and multiplayer mode
- 50 Levels of increasing difficulty
- 3 different themes to play with
- Unlockable hats and other cosmetic customization
- Endless mode with local highscore
- 14 different recipes to master + randomized orders
- Fully adjustable kitchen for all sizes and heights

The chef plays in VR and cooks the food while the waiter is played with a gamepad.
The waiter takes orders from customers, serves them drinks and keeps the customers happy while they're waiting for their food.

Your goal as a chef is to cook the food your customers want, in a limited amount of time. You snooze - you lose!

You are able to customize your character, both chef and waiter.
The more you play, the more customization options you will unlock.
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Bought thanks! We’ve enjoyed playing overcooked together so hopefully this will go down well
Overcooked is a marriage wrecker. You're safer having an affair than playing overcooked together.
Got this for my Rift and it's a great game. Single Player is good, but Multiplayer is another thing entirely. One of you saying the orders, and the other cooking up the orders. It's really easy to play at the start but as it goes on it gets harder and harder. Much like Overcooked it'll probably cause some arguments
While there's some flaws with this game I still had a lot of fun with the co-op which mixes VR and the normal screen.
I played overcooked with my wife and it got to the point where she refused to play anymore so i had to finish it in single player. I'm hoping this doesn't go the same way.
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Thanks hadn't heard of this game, but we loved the co op games in VR playroom. Glad there more VR games coming out
Shooty fruity came out today. Thats worth a look as it reviews well and is somewhere between job simulator and a shooting gallery.

Accounting+ is also due out this week. Quite a few people excited about that.
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