Psych  (Complete 8 Seasons) - £11.99 @ Google Play

Psych (Complete 8 Seasons) - £11.99 @ Google Play

Found 31st Mar
A fantastic show available at a great price. Perfect for when you need something light hearted to watch but a good detective show round the comedy.

Other people have posted other deals from this sale but in my opinion this (and Community) are the best of the lot!

Link to the full current sale here. I think it finishes after this weekend.…OI8
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Excellent show, very funny and a steal at this price
Good price- but just bought on iTunes for £15 -slightly prefer Apple as they often have subtitles- otherwise great value! & find
Watched a couple of these by chance on mainstream TV. I thought they were really good and funny. 8 Seasons! Wow. Must be as good as I thought.
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Anyone caught the movie yet?
Silhouette4 m ago

Anyone caught the movie yet?

Yeah, a couple of weeks back. I enjoyed it, shame that Lassie isn't in it much (The actor suffered a stroke last year) but everything else was a nice way to continue the story.
Great post, many thanks. Super series.
Really funny and the chemistry between these guys is brilliant. Nice price.
nice deal, show is superb
Thanks, brillian price for a brilliant show. I've got seasons 1 to 4 (or is it 5) on DVD, and I've been meaning to get the rest for ages. You just saved me a bundle.
Love this show. Suck it!
You know that's right!
I have all of these and I still just bought it
thanks used my £10 voucher from Google Pay to get this.
Best show eveeeeer.
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