Psych Season 1 £7.43 @ The Hut

Psych Season 1 £7.43 @ The Hut

Found 27th May 2009
Actually, looks to have been reduced to similar prices at all the stores The Hut run. WH Smith is the only one with it in stock right now. All the others claim availability within three days.

"Fake psychic Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his sceptical best friend Gus (Dule Hill) are on the case in the fresh and quirky runaway hit Psych! Relive every quick-witted remark and hilarious misadventure in all 15 Season One episodes. Thanks to a childhood spent with a family of cops, Shawn possesses an incredible photographic memory and notices seemingly insignificant details. These traits allow him to spend his jobless days providing the police with mystery-solving tips - but his knowledge soon makes him a suspect. In order to clear his name, the unlikely sleuth declares that he has clairvoyant abilities and launches his own investigative agency, Psych."


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The Hut: £7.43 (4% Quidco)…uct

Zavvi: £7.45 (4% Quidco)…uct

Sendit: £7.49 (5% Quidco)…uct

Asda Entertainment: £7.69 (2.5% Quidco)…uct

LoveFilm: £7.69 (5% Quidco)…uct

WH Smith: £7.73 (4% Quidco)…uct

Argos: £7.77 (1.5% Quidco)…uct

Currys Entertainment: £7.93 (4% Quidco)…uct

Tesco: £7.97 (7% Quidco)…uct

Dixons Entertainment: £7.97 (4% Quidco)…uct

PC World: : £7.97 (2% Quidco)…uct

Chipsworld: £7.99 (4% Quidco)…uct

Man thinking if i should get this or not such a big fan but man.............. nice find anyway tho.

Also could you post the argos link couldnt find it will get it from argos easier for me. Please.

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Argos link added.

Great show,if you like this check out The Mentalist which is soft of similar but not a comedy

not seen this before but for that price it could be worth a shot thanks

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It's very funny. If you like Monk, definitely get this.
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