Psych Series 1 £5 @ Amazon and play.com
Psych Series 1 £5 @ Amazon and play.com

Psych Series 1 £5 @ Amazon and play.com

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ive not watched this myself but at £5 and amazon reviews giving it 4.5 stars, seems worth a punt to me

Amazon Synopsis
The crimes aren't what make this mystery-driven series so much fun. Instead, it's the chemistry between leads James Roday (Dukes of Hazzard) and Dule Hill (The West Wing) that has Psych following in the footsteps of series such as Monk and Magnum P.I.. With a family of cops, Shawn Spencer (Roday) has honed his observational skills to an impressive degree. But rather than join the police force and make his father (Corbin Bernsen, L.A. Law) proud, Shawn bounces from job to job, working as everything from a foot model to a Wienermobile driver. But he can't keep his powers of deduction hidden, and he calls the police with tips for their cases. When his knowledge arouses suspicion, Shawn does the logical thing: tells everyone he's a psychic and opens a psychic detective agency. Aided by his best friend and polar opposite, Gus (Hill), Shawn solves cases with the Santa Barbara Police Department. The detective duo matches wits with the doubtful police, hardened criminals, and one another with hilarious results. This release includes every episode of Psych's first series.

also same price at play.com


Its a great series!

interestingly metacritic.com/tv/…n-1

the critics rate it 5.8/10 and the public vote it 9/10 i am going with the public - after all the critics said that lost in translation was 10/10 it was the worst over rated over hyped film of all time and i love bill murray

It's a daft series, I think it's excellent.

yeah very ott sometimes but its a great show, lots of small wrestling references now and again, and some big ones. its on season 5 now though i think we should get more dvds released.

A definite 9/10 series - and the latest season 5 that's airing just now is the funniest yet!

Well worth a £5 investment.

The best show on by far. This and Monk are amazing.

Really funny to watch, love the 80s references.

My wife, kids and I all loved this when it was shown on bbc2. Great deal.

Psych is genius. If you have never seen this just buy it. £5 is a steal.

Awesome deal! I love Psych!

Its been a fiver for like a few months

mighty mugger

The best show on by far. This and Monk are amazing.

agreed! but very sad that monk is finished :'(
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