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Armani Gloves (Black (L)/Khaki (M/L) - £27.49 at Psyche (Quidco/TCB - 6.5% Back)
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Armani Gloves (Black (L)/Khaki (M/L) - £27.49 at Psyche (Quidco/TCB - 6.5% Back)£27.49£4031%
Was looking for gloves and these are on eBay for £40 too. Can't find cheaper than this. Another 6.5% back on Sale items on Quidco and TCB. Covers about half of delivery. Only Lar… Read more

Eh I guess. I just thought some Armani lovers or designer hoarders wouldn't mind (lol)


Actually, no. The relativity of money/value against amount/purpose of material are a big difference. Lets do some basic maths. Primark denim jeans are approx £14.99. Amazon regularly has Levis around £30 mark. That's twice the price for a significantly better cut, quality of fabric and wearability over a period of time. My H&M/primark jeans last time lasted about 18 months before the thighs rubbing, they ripped. Comparably my levis jeans are well into the 5y+ club. Taking the above into consideration the Levis would be a better buy. Acrylic gloves are largely very similar but for comparison sakes. Decathlon has some touch-screen based acrylic gloves that I bought for £2 that cames with 2 years warranty. They bobbled but haven't ripped. When I was a wee-little boy, I bought some designer acrylic gloves that cost £30. They developed a hole within a couple of weeks of daily wear. Ultimately I lost out.


Could be the same saying why do people get designer jeans over Primark ones. It's still denim.


Nuh, its kewl wit the logo on it innit. Bin asking me mam for a pair 4 ages lol


£27.49 for acrylic gloves? Dang, need your head checking.

Psyche Sale 50% +6% Quidco
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Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
Psyche Sale 50% +6% Quidco
Psyche sale just started today, up to 50% off lots of designer stuff. There’s Quidco and also discount codes floating around too (newsletter sign up etc). Best sizes will go fast I… Read more
Pretty Green Darly Jacket in black - £27.50 at Psyche
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Posted 12th Feb 2019Posted 12th Feb 2019
Pretty Green Darly Jacket in black - £27.50 at Psyche£27.50£94.9971%
2.99 for delivery too!! 5% code if your a new customer and sign up as well... Wasn't sure about this jacket in the other colours but I think in black the hood pattern is quite su… Read more

Seems like a price error as it's in stock for 95 pounds now !!!


Did anyone get theirs ??? Not even a cheeky apology coupon !!!




I'd check back tomorrow, maybe the sites being funny, they had navy ones for 62ish which seem to have disappeared from the site too? Only the khaki one is being an option now for full price


Gone. Love pg

The original Baracuta Harrington made famous by Steve McQueen was £295 now £191.74 @ Psyche
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Posted 13th Jan 2019Posted 13th Jan 2019
The original Baracuta Harrington made famous by Steve McQueen was £295 now £191.74 @ Psyche£191.74
Tried to post the sale by Baracuta Harrington company but their customer service has gone downhill. Here they are in sale by a clothing shop. Much copied Harrington made famous by… Read more

Such an iconic look- and a great to have the real deal. Heat added


i have always liked this type of jacket. have about 9 in most colours. for this kind of money. happy with a copy. ebay is awash with harrington's jackets. new or old made by most of the big names. this never goes out of style.


no way diddly ,,yer jokin


£13.99 on ebay looks the same and the qualitys Ok....I have 3 of them (Black XL)


Remember wearing my harrington jacket at school, loved them back then but this seems expensive !

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
BASE LONDON 'Sinclair' Bordeaux Leather Derby Shoes £34.49 @ Psyche
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Posted 20th Aug 2016Posted 20th Aug 2016
BASE LONDON 'Sinclair' Bordeaux Leather Derby Shoes £34.49 @ Psyche£34.49
Quite like this weathered effect wine colour on these smart-casual shoes. Ordered the last size 9 but still available in 7, 8, 10 and 11. Was £68.99. 5.05% at Topcashback. Royal Ma… Read more
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Shame missed my size oos. ;)


Now down to size 7 and 8.

10% discount on new orders but works for everyone @ Psyche
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Posted 12th Nov 2014Posted 12th Nov 2014
10% discount on new orders but works for everyone @ Psyche
you an get a 10% discount when you use
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