Psycho Collection 1-4 Box Set - £8.99 delivered!

Psycho Collection 1-4 Box Set - £8.99 delivered!

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Found 3rd Sep 2007
Offer of the Week @ Hmv : Psycho Collection 1-4 Box Set now just £8.99 delivered!

The master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock brought us the original Psycho in 1960, considered by many to be a masterpiece, the story of a boy and his over-protective mother and a murderous secret that bonds them has spawned a remake and 3 sequels. This boxset contains the original and the sequels. Psycho 2 was made 23 years after the original and portrays the story of Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) after he is released from the mental institute where he was detained after the events that occurred in the first film. It is not long before murder is once again on the cards as Norman struggles to come to terms with the outside world and people interfering in his life ............


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1986 saw Psycho 3 telling the story of nun that seeks solace with Norman at the Bates Motel and the reporter that is investigating the events of Psycho 2. 1990's Psycho 4 delves into the past of Norman Bates and his mother, a part sequel part prequel this movie is very heavy on narrative and strives to put an end to the curse that is Norman Bates and the Bates Motel. Featuring Henry Thomas (ET) as the young Norman Bates and Olivia Hussey as Mrs Bates, both bring a dimension to the character that Anthony Perkins would be typecast as. Not long after this film was completed Anthony Perkins died unable to escape the shadow of Norman Bates

Amazon 2nd cheaper i think with £15 so not bad. My mam's a big fan of these films and her birthdays coming up so consider it bought.
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