Psycho Collection I-IV [Box Set] DVD - £4.99  delivered @

Psycho Collection I-IV [Box Set] DVD - £4.99 delivered @

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Psycho: The classic Hitchcock thriller involving a series of murders at a lonely motel where the deaths are attributed to the mother of the young owner.

Psycho 2: Norman Bates is coming home after spending 22 years in a mental institution. He plans to renovate the old Bates Motel, the place where his first murders occurred...

Psycho 3: The Bates Motel is again the site of some nasty doings as the rehabilitated Norman, who has installed a new ice machine, attempts to put his life back together. But, old habits die hard...

Psycho 4: The reformed character Norman Bates is now the happily adjusted husband to a loving psychologist. But when he enters a phone-in on matricide it becomes apparent that the demons are back...


Link isn't working it's taking me to hut and it's a different price i.e. £5.93

Please ammend

Have purchased it , not bothered about parts 3 & 4 , but worth it for 1 & 2 alone

Voted hot !!

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