Psychonauts (Steam) £1.49 @ Gamersgate

Psychonauts (Steam) £1.49 @ Gamersgate

Found 25th Jul 2013
Cheaper than the recent steam summer sale where it was £1.75. Comes with steam achievements & trading cards. 87/100 Metacritic.…uts
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have some heat from me, this was a fun game.
Until they make a few sales then price will rocket.

GG are terrible

Until they make a few sales then price will rocket.GG are terrible

Don't jinx it! X)
I'm absolutely stunned that the price is still the same!
Surely this must be the longest ever GG sale price!

Finally went ahead and bought it. It's worth a gamble I guess.
brilliant game, one of tim's finest, imo
Great game, just hit my first prestige, recommended!
In my top 5 of the last 10 years, absolutely loved this game!
I got over excited reading Policenaughts as the title =[]
Weird looking game.
One of the best games ever made, thoroughly enjoyed this on the original xbox, now looking forward to playing it through on my TV PC in glorious 1080p HD!

Good find OP!
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