"Pub Tricks and Bar Bets" DVD for less than £5!

"Pub Tricks and Bar Bets" DVD for less than £5!

Found 1st Nov 2006
The DVD has been created for all abilities and the tricks graded allowing you to move from simple but incredible effects that you can do straight away, through to amazing illusions that you will master with a little practise.

The DVD contains 20 incredible tricks to do at the pub using props that you will find in any bar or restaurant. Tricks Include:

Coins across: A simple but amazing trick where coins jump one by one from one of your hands to the other with no gimmicks or complex set up.
Spirit Writing: The name of a card chosen from a pack is written on a piece of paper, the paper is burnt in the ash tray and when the ash is rubbed on your arm the name of the chosen card appears written in the ash.
Making Money: Borrow a £10 fold it into a tube and out drops a £2 coin
Coin through table: An empty match box is placed on the table, you borrow a coin and tap it under the table then with a bang the coin appears to have penetrated the table and is now in the matchbox.
The DVD also contains 20 bar-bets. These cons and scams are designed to be fun and give the chance to win a tenner or a pint. Can you get an ice cube from a drink without touching it? Can you get a £10 from under a bottle without touching the bottle? Can you make someones hands stick to the bar?
Description: "Pub Tricks and Bar Bets" is filmed in pubs on real people so you can see the reaction each trick and bet gets for real. Then each trick is fully explained allowing you to learn the trick quickly and easily before heading to the nearest pub to amaze and confuse.

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