Pukka Fennel Tea 4 Packs of 20 - 80 in total. £10 Add-on  Item By Amazon £2.25

Pukka Fennel Tea 4 Packs of 20 - 80 in total. £10 Add-on Item By Amazon £2.25

Found 13th Jan 2015
Usually £10 for the 4 boxes of 20 but £2.25 as an add on item.

I'm posting this to increase H. Pylori awareness. I recently researched and have been diagnosed with H. Pylori. Unfortunately, too late, I've already got a stomach ulcer. For my father however, it was too late, he had a hole in his stomach and underwent a stomach operation which left him with 1/3 of his original stomach size in 1985.

Fennel Tea helps soothe the stomach and guts whilst treating for H. Pylori. Which is responsible for 90 percent of stomach ulcers. H. Pylori also causes weakness, anxiety, brain fog and many other problems which I have had and also found through research.

Yes 50 percent of the worlds population has H. Pylori, but for those who cannot keep h. pylori at bay. It will cause so many problems, from insomnia to depression excluding the stomach problems.

Include Manuka honey, Monolaurin, turmeric, mastic gum in your diet to keep it under control/eradicate.


Ordered x 2 along with the Triple Ginger 20 Teabags (Pack of 4, Total 80 Teabags) for £6 = £10.50. Cheers!


Very informative. Best of luck!

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Very informative. Best of luck!

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