Pukka Pad Project Book (A4, 250 pages) - Tesco - £0.56

Pukka Pad Project Book (A4, 250 pages) - Tesco - £0.56

Found 30th Nov 2011
Just went in to my local Tesco's yesterday looking for a notepad for college, saw these at a silly low price, 56p for their best notepad! They also had the 200page Pukka pads for 45p each! I nabbed a few of each!
I believe they are normally at least £3 each, so a massive discount!

Please be nice to my first ever post!
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can u specify the store..hopefully not limited to a single store.
Original Poster
Sorry this was the Aylsham store, Norfolk.
£4.50 in my local tesco extra this morning
£4.50 in my two local ones for at least last 5 months, i buy 2 a month for my kids.
cold. once again a store specific Tesco deal
thanks gonna check my local, needed this
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