Pulp - Different Class CD £3.43 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Pulp - Different Class CD £3.43 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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1. Mis Shapes
2. Pencil Skirt
3. Common People
4. I Spy
5. Disco 2000
6. Live Bed Show
7. Something Changed
8. Sorted For E's And Wizz
10. Underwear
11. Monday Morning
12. Bar Italia


Great album

Wow, I reember when I got this ages ago.


Wow, I reember when I got this ages ago.

Me too. 1995 to be exact. Seems like yesterday.....

One of my favourite albums. I've a limited edition version of it with changeable front covers. There's a different front cover for each of the 12 tracks.

well worth it, classic album

also have that multi covers cd, still play it.
essential pulp album, essential full stop.

looks like we should start a PULP appreciation society. absolutely fab album.

Another great album deal from Andywedge. H&R.

got the multi cover version too - THE album of the Britpop era

Watched them tour this at V96, one of the best headliners I have ever seen.

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I'll join in
One of, if not THE album of the 90s (Britpop era) - although tagging Pulp with Britpop is a bit unfair on them
"Sorted For E's And Wizz" is quite simply amazing

if u quick can download a few tracks for FREE at tesco

Fantastic album, only whole album on my ipod :thumbsup:

One of the definitive albums of the 90's, along with OK Computer and Definately Maybe! A unique band from the era and their music is head and shoulders above the sh1te of today. Cocker was a great frontman....Glasto 95 was their pinnacle. :thumbsup:

amazing album, brings back some great memories, worth every penny

As above! Well worth adding to your collection if you dont already have it!!

Best album of the 90s and is the soundtrack to that glorious summer of Britpop etc
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