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Puly Caff Coffee Cleaning Powder (2 Tubs of 900g) £16.54 + Free Delivery @ Amazon Sold by Cafazzini

Puly Caff Coffee Cleaning Powder (2 Tubs of 900g) £16.54 + Free Delivery @ Amazon Sold by Cafazzini

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Puly Caff Coffee Cleaning Powder (2 Tubs of 900g) £16.54 + Free Delivery @ Amazon Sold by Cafazzini
Posted 17th May 2021
Works out at £8.27 a tub. I've been looking at coffee cleaners - in my case, for a bean to cup machine, though this is also suitable for espresso machines. Best price I can find for Puly Powder. Some prefer their 2.5g tablets for a bean to cup, the powder is the same, but you do your own dosing.

Puly and Urnex Cafiza apparently have the same active ingredients.

You'd also need to use a descaler (some recommend making up your own citric acid solution) every so often, depending on the hardness of your water.

  • Puly Caff Group head cleaner cleans quickly the group heads and removes tea stains and coffee dishes and equipment.
  • The unique formula fast dissolving leaves no residue and allows machines to continue to create a good taste without aftertaste or odor.
  • Dosage: 3.5 g (group header), 10 g (filter-holder).
  • total dose: 257 (head group), 90 (filter-holder).
  • NSF Certified absolutely harmless.

Puly Caff cleaner powder is a professional coffee machine cleaner imported directly from Italy for use with all commercial espresso machines. It is one of the most used coffee machine cleaners in the UK and Europe and can be trusted to remove coffee oils and residue from your coffee equipment.

Manufacturers recommend regular backflushing of your equipment as it is essential to the quality of your drinks and the hygiene of your coffee machine.

98% of your espresso is water, and if the taste of that water is tainted, it will mean that all the trouble you are going to when you make a coffee is wasted.

Most manufacturers recommend backflushing your equipment at least once a week - this cleaner powder is the industry leader and shouldn't be confused with inferior non-branded products.

Puly Caff powder is supplied in a handy 900g tub and is a heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaner designed for use on the group heads on coffee machines. It can also be used to clean coffee filter baskets and filter handles, plus teapots, cups, jugs and cutlery.

Just mix some Puly Caff with a little warm water, then soak the parts from your coffee machine which have become dirty for around an hour.

It's never been easier to get your coffee equipment looking shiny and new, and more importantly, preventing your equipment from failing and your coffee from tasting bad. Not only does failing to keep your machine clean result in poor coffee, it can result in machine failures that can prove to be very costly to repair.

Trust Puly Caff - it could be the best decision you ever made.
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