Puma Reading FC Home Shirt £11.15 delivered @ Bargain Crazy
Puma Reading FC Home Shirt £11.15 delivered @ Bargain Crazy

Puma Reading FC Home Shirt £11.15 delivered @ Bargain Crazy

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Well done Reading, fantastic performance! Use 10% CODE to get this price.

- Merdan


heat added purely for beating liverpool!


HahahaBringing Misc into Deals by a mod! :w00t::w00t:

Innit biggest trolls of the lot :w00t:

I love this! I just posted it on my facebook for all by wonderful liverpool fan friends :-)

lol what have you done :lol:


Jumping on a bandwagon amibees?
Like your style

Last season's shirt, but what the heck. C'mon URZ!! Bye bye Rafa

I imagine many Stoke fans will be wanting this shirt...especially at that price


Any deals on the Leeds shirts??

lmao Muhahahaha... heat added for beating LiverFool!!!!! :-D

Hottest deal tonight?

Liverpool 1 - 2 Reading.


I wonder how much for a Liverpool shirt now???? :whistling:

All I can say is I hope Reading go on to win it

Hot Hot Hot !!!

Well done on owning Liverpool !


Hottest deal tonight? Liverpool 1 - 2 Reading.PRICELESS.

How ironic this deal is tonight..

expired by a liverpool fan no doubt please unexpire

mods informed

Update it. Now 9.99. lol

Needs to be unexpired!

Has the DVD been released yet?

I want to add heat, but it's expired (Probably by a scouser)

£9.99 plus postage = £13.94 - 10%

but code not workie


Unexpired again now, thanks

HEAT ADDED, what a game!

I bet on reading to win so cashed in too!


Rafa is a joke! hahahahahaha....

Weren't these £5 on their site ?

I'm sure I got one...

Classic tags guys. :-D


HEAT ADDED, what a game! [COLOR="Red"]I bet on reading to win so cashed … HEAT ADDED, what a game! [COLOR="Red"]I bet on reading to win so cashed in too! [/COLOR]BYE RAFA!

Doubt it.



Rather silly tag abuse there!


Looking to go on holiday in a reading strip.

Can someone find me a bargain on a beach ball as well please

Love the tags :-D


Wonder if Reading will bring a t-shirt out?:whistling:


I wonder how much for a Liverpool shirt now???? :whistling:

Soon won't be able to give them away :-D :-D

troll! :lol:

ooops:(( wanted to add a tag

adrian96: Even cheaper. Typical Scouse scum expiring it. Get a job.


nah... it was probably a trouble maker doing it to make it look like it … nah... it was probably a trouble maker doing it to make it look like it was a scouser!

It's more likely that it was expired by a non Scouser, especially if it was a Liverpool fan who expired it! :whistling:

Keep Rafa for another 10 years so we can keep on laughing!!

Still for sale @ £9.99 + delivery all sizes available ;-)]http//ww…05D

can we have McAnuff, he looked amazing

apparently that was my team that played tonight...where did those performances come from????
strangely, i nearly put a bget on earlier for a reading win - prob wouldnt have counted in et....but after the 1st leg when the clearly technically superior players of Liverpool just seemed clueless as though they dont understand the formation....tonight was the same, aprt from the first 20mins of the 2nd half when liverpool totally dominated but i am still stunned......liverpool the side renowned for grit and determination and never give up....you know the famous champions league game they won on pens after being 3-0 down at half time...that was amazing.....the win in the cup final when they looked dead and buried in the last few mins
i fancied our chances as we have a caretaker manager that the players all know and respect.....players want to impress still to stay in the side....they have nothing to lose and i felt the pansy foreign pretentious pansy prem league players wouldnt like the weather or could be bothered........was gerrard or torres really that injured.....was that benitez's cocky fault.......i feel for benitez as he seems a decent bloke but i question whether he can stay much longer as liverpool just dont look right at all...but then again you usually dont get a 2nd chance with prem sides...credit goes to the manager who got the game plan spot on in 2 games....AND was brave enough to keep 2 up front when 2-1 up!!
as for my side, we a cup win writes the headlines and is unbelievable and shame mcanuff didnt do a maradona but gylfi pen was unbelievably calm, but we need to win in the league...though would be happy with a point at forest


can we have McAnuff, he looked amazing

he's done well for us...but sometimes his effort is undone by our rubbish defence was awesome for most of the time against the pool, sunthorpe @ home was a prime example....should have been 4-0 up at HT, but after they got a goal with only their 2nd shot of the game late on the 2nd half, we were lucky to escape with a point

tbh if we had an experienced and quick but clinical striker we would be further up the league.....maybe near the playoffs but we havent had a settled side and our defending hasnt been great and the table doesnt lie

since when has gunarsson started to play like that...great cross for the 2nd...think i woke the neighbourhood!!
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