Punch Out!! (Nintendo Wii / Wii U) @ The Game Collection - £3.95 *NEW* / £2.95 Preowned

Punch Out!! (Nintendo Wii / Wii U) @ The Game Collection - £3.95 *NEW* / £2.95 Preowned

Found 25th Jul 2014
Playable on Wii and Wii U

One of the biggest names in boxing returns after a 15-year hiatus. In Punch-Out!! you play as young up-and-coming fighter Little Mac who, with the help of his ringside trainer Doc Lewis, is working his way through the ranks of a wide variety of boxing caricatures, each with their own patterns of attacks. Grab a Wii Remote controller in one hand and a Nunchuk controller in the other and step back into the ring with a modern update of the classic Punch-Out!!

Game Features

3 Control options, making Punch-Out!! a title for all levels of gamer
Wii Balance Board compatibility make Punch-Out!! feel more like a real boxing experience, as you duck and weave
All-new opponents for Little Mac to face, along with some favourites from the originals
Multiplayer functions, offering gameplay to all the family
Offers all-new online leader boards allowing you to take your championship wins online
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Great deal, one of the best games on the wii.
Worth a punt
Worth a right hook!

Short game, but full of Nintendo magic. And funny. If you've never played it before, remember it's a counter-punching game. Don't do what I did which was punch for all you're worth and wonder why you're never getting anywhere.

"Send the Disco Kid to the dentist. Bust his chops, Mac! Bust his chops!"
none of that online functionality is going to work any more. hot from me though, great game
did anybody ever play this using motion control? I went retro and held the wii mote like a NES controller. Never completed it as it took a long time to memorise the final bosses and once you finally beat one its knackering to then go in to the next fight.

The Irish opponent was a cheating f'er he sent me mental that guy
Ordered ty op.
Great game, already own it but bought as a present for bf, cheers op.
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