Punjana  teabags -  80 for £1 @ Morrisons

Punjana teabags - 80 for £1 @ Morrisons

Found 14th Aug 2009
Punjana teabags - 80 for £1 at Morrisons

Excellent tea - they only use the leaves to make it and not the stalks, so it doesnt taste like sawdust as do all those other brands like PG Tips, Typhoo, Tesco Own Brand, Yorkshire etc., etc.,

In addition the teabags arent bleached like the others.

Ends 30th August


Good tea
The wifes favourite..........................guess where she's going this afternoon!

Excellent tea.....

I'm assuming it ends 30th August?

Original Poster


Excellent tea.....I'm assuming it ends 30th August?

Thanks Perisher, corrected

My favourite teaaaaaaaaa. Normally about £1.69 for 80 init? Might stock up!

Thanks! H&R

Great tea, currently sat at work with a mug of it

it might be back!!

i bought 80 punjana for £1 at morrisons last week - but i don't know if the offer is still running (which is why i'm not posting it as a fresh deal).
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