Pure Avanti Flow Digital & Internet Radio - £187.54 @ Amazon

Pure Avanti Flow Digital & Internet Radio - £187.54 @ Amazon

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Found 30th Nov 2011
A complete "connected" table-top digital audio system, AVANTI Flow supplements digital and FM radio, Internet content and music streamed from your computer with an iPod dock and hi-fi quality audio.

Functional as well as beautiful, it has a fully-featured remote control, easy-to-use controls, and a large graphical OLED display, quick access to your favorite stations with 30 digital and 10 FM presets.
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Excellent piece of kit and a very good price, plus sold by Amazon too. Picked up one of these secondhand online last year and can highly recommend them. Only thing against it is the use of the menus and buttons to change between modes, but you get used to that or just use the remote.

A few reviews here:
I got 2 of these 9 months ago when they were £40 more expensive and they were worth every penny then! If you don't get a good DAB signal then you can always go to the internet radio version over wifi. You can also stream audio from your PC using software supplied when you register on the PURE website. Even better, connect your TV to the Aux In jack! Oh, and you put your iPod in it too!
This is a truly great piece of kit. I bought one based on the recommendations above and the set up was fairly simple and the sound is absolutely first class!
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