Pure Avanti Internet Hi-Fi - £179 @ HMV (Instore)

Pure Avanti Internet Hi-Fi - £179 @ HMV (Instore)

Found 17th Apr 2011
Another electrical bargain, is £279 in John Lewis next door!



cant find this

Me either.
Can we have a bit more of a link please. Either that or it's cold.

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Its instore as stated!

Then state it instore only as the item doesn't even exist on the website. Saves people wasting their time looking for information about it on the hmv site.

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It says instore in the title!.. Why am I being hated on!..

Sadly HMV are closing most of their stores.

I've got one of these. Great sound quality, shame about the user interface. Great price if you can find it.

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Also spotted in hmv Oxford st

Just picked up one in Edinburgh, thanks OP!
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