Pure CHRONOS CD II - Black - Graded Stock As New £49.95 @ RicherSounds
Pure CHRONOS CD II - Black - Graded Stock As New £49.95 @ RicherSounds

Pure CHRONOS CD II - Black - Graded Stock As New £49.95 @ RicherSounds

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I saw the posting for the Pure Chronos CD & i-Dock series one refurbished unit at Zavvi & The Hut. I thought I would have a look around to see how cheap I could find the series 2 unit.
Richer Sounds has a "Graded" As New unit for £49.99.
Shipping costs £6.99 but if you can pick up a unit for £49.99 in the stores, that seems good to me!

This now states the CD version not i-dock version.
Updated because some have pointed out Richer Sounds error!
I note that the website URL still has i-dock int it.


I bought the CD version recently. Cheapest I could find was £89.99.

Great price!

I bought the Pure Chronos CD only version 6 months ago and to be honest I thought the sound quality was rubbish, and it didn't go very loud either.

I have one of these and I love it. I find the sound quality to be good and volume just fine but I've not used it to provide music in a large or crowded room. Good deal

yeah poor sound and mine broke after a month :O(

LCD display went off and wouldnt pick up DAB

Just to balance this out a bit more, I've had one of these for ages now but in white and the sound quality is great for a small unit (I use mine as an alarm clock). It charges my iPhone, has multiple alarm modes and the DAB is good too. Great price.

I was going to get one but some of the commets put me off any alternatives i can get?

Well i have two of these, this model and the old one, I find the sound good - have put the bass up though. Sounds really clear.

Yes, it isnt very load, but it really depends what you are using it for. Its fine for the kitchen or bedroom - but not suitable for a house party.

For my purposes, I think its great, and would buy it again.

Well I ordered what I thought was the i-dock version and the cd version was delivered !! I had printed out the web page for my records on 4 October and it clearly shows the i-dock (graded) for 49.99. If you now go on the website it shows the CD version, the i-dock graded version has disappeared. Interestingly the link that I save for the i-doc graded redirects to the CD graded !! Called them and Richer are claiming that the i-dock graded doesn't exist !!

Interested because the picture clearly shows the ipod dock one

Just called my local store and it doesnt come with a ipod dock. What I find funny the site show the one with the ipod dock

I have voted cold for this deal

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yeah poor sound and mine broke after a month :O(LCD display went off and … yeah poor sound and mine broke after a month :O(LCD display went off and wouldnt pick up DAB

Sorry that your unit went wrong but if some units hadn't gone wrong we wouldn't be able to pick up a refurbished one cheap!
Thanks for pointing out that it's the CD model as that is what I wanted!
So you voted cold because it's the other version that you wanted and so it's not a good deal then?

The original deal was for a cd, dab and ipod dock. For that price I think is a good price. Then they decide to change their minds and denied all knowledge it actually came with an ipod dock is wrong.
To me it has taken a shine off the price.
However for whats its worth. the price is not bad for a cd, dab radio clock but I need one with a ipod dock as well. So I do admit voting cold in frustration for Richer Sounds changing the spec. Plus they have the cheek to display a pic of the ipod dock one

Edited by: "mooo" 7th Oct 2010

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Just sent a message to John Clayton (Operations Manager - Richer Sounds) regarding this unit and the website mix-up. I have just been to the Cambridge store to buy a Series II CD refurbished unit (after checking that they had stock and making a special journey) discover that it's a series I unit.
The website originally advertised a Pure Chronos i-pod series II refurbished unit.
They have since corrected it to a Pure Chronos CD series II refurbished unit.
The old website URL's still exists but now states CD version:
The new page has a new URL:
So take note until it's sorted you may receive the older series I unit, which is not as good a deal as originally posted and available more cheaply elsewhere!

I had some amazon gift vouchers left over and used them to buy one from there.

I ordered the Series ii iPod dock version last Monday, on Thursday a Series i cd version was delivered!!! After speaking to Richer Sounds customer services (who I might add could not have been more helpful) they arraged for it to be exchanged for the Series ii iPod dock version, which I have just received.

I have also just received the iDock series II version to replace the CD version that was supplied incorrectly so all credit to Richer Sounds for sorting this out. Once customer services realised exactly what the mistake was, they have been very quick to resolve the matter.

I just wanted to say that I was in the same boat as richc and GEEBEESEE and got my iDock Series II this morning.

Sure, it was a bit of a pain to not get what I ordered initially, but two thumbs up to Richer Sounds' customer service for making the replacement pain-free.
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