Pure Chronos CD Series 2 DAB radio £49.99 @ RicherSounds

Pure Chronos CD Series 2 DAB radio £49.99 @ RicherSounds

Found 11th Oct 2013
Pure Chronos CD Series 2 DAB radio £49.99 - outlet item, although item comes with 12 month warranty.

Similar item with an iPod dock is an extra £10.00.

Item may be available in certain stores only.
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Great product if you still have any cds. I wonder if there is any option to connect your phone? eg. jack or Bluetooth.
Yes, you can connect via aux cable. The cd model Lao has a USB charge slot at the top of the unit.
I recd two of these reconditioned last time offer was on..both failed within days so beware
I have one of these. The only issue with it, is that it's not heavy enough. As the buttons are on the front, when you push one the whole unit tends to move. So you have to hold it with one hand whilst pressing button with the other.
I don't buy Pure stuff any more. The design is good but the build quality is poor. I had three of their beautiful maple DAB radios but all too soon the displays went on the blink or the power brick packed up, and there was nothing to do but buy a new one. I tried a recon one and as I recall that was DOA. Richer Sounds are great on aftersales but I still wouldn't bother.
My Pure DAB clock radio died too a few years ago (not the same type as this one). The display just faded away and nothing was visible, making it pretty much unusable, then it stopped making sound, too. More or less the only two things a clock radio has to do.
if it was a pure siesta then it was probably the mains adapter that failed. same happened to mine, got a new lead and it once again tells the time, wakes me up and has a fully functioning radio too.
I have three different pure Dab radios, I agree with the comment about the unit being too light. The other problems have not occurred. Heat added.
Bought one today, guess what, it doesn't even turn on. Aaaaarggh.
Oh dear, picked mine up earlier. Not opened it yet. Will let you know.
Oh dear, picked mine up earlier. Not opened it yet. Will let you know.
Mine works well, however the buttons are a bit cluncky and as per some earlier reviews the unit is not weighted down. i.e. when you select the functions at the front of the unit you are likely to move the unit back - but I'm happy with it.

Works pretty much straight out of the box, plug it in give it a few moments and DAB stations stored, time and date set.

Hope that helps.
My daughters have the ipod dock version, same as pictured but with the dock on top with the USB. They are good quality and with a nice punchy sound, not had any problems with them. (touch wood). X) We got ours last year at £99.99 each, but we only paid £11.97 each as it was a Tesco pricing error, we actually got our order fulfilled (3 of them). ........ well done Tesco.
Don't expect decent sound quality from these. I used to own one. Looks quite nice but it's devoid of any bass response. Not worth £49.99 in my opinion.
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