Pure Digital Oasis VL-60775 Rechargeable Weatherproof DAB Radio £49.99 + £2.99 Delivery @ Boffer
Pure Digital Oasis VL-60775 Rechargeable Weatherproof DAB Radio £49.99 + £2.99 Delivery @ Boffer

Pure Digital Oasis VL-60775 Rechargeable Weatherproof DAB Radio £49.99 + £2.99 Delivery @ Boffer

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With all the stations available on DAB, why restrict your listening to the kitchen, living room or bedroom? Roam free with Oasis, the only rechargeable DAB digital radio that can withstand the rigours of outdoor life.

Whether you're listening to sport in the park, news in the garden or music in the bath, Oasis provides over 15 hours of portable DAB digital radio from its built-in ChargePAK battery system. Simply connect to the mains to recharge - disconnect to wander free.

A cast aluminium framework and rubber seals make Oasis the perfect travel companion. And it's more than just a great radio - connect your iPod, MiniDisc or other audio device and use it as a great-sounding outdoor speaker.

All this without compromising on price, looks or sound. Affordable, desirable and musical, Oasis frees you from the constraints of normal radio listening.

" Rechargeable with over 15 hours battery life

" Tested to stringent international IP64 standards, Oasis is water and weather resistant - perfect for the garden or bathroom
" Rugged design & build quality
" Auxiliary input for iPod, MiniDisc, CD player or other device
" Clock is automatically updated from a broadcast DAB time signal, so you don't have to set it or worry about resetting it when
the clocks go forward or back
" 4 presets
" Add new features as they become available via USB
" Technical Specifications
" Specifications: DAB digital radio with full Band III reception capability, for reception of all UK DAB broadcasts.
" Compliant with ETS 300 401 and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 256 kbps
" Frequency ranges: DAB Band III (174 - 240 MHz), with fast autotune feature
" Speaker: Weatherproof full-range 4" drive unit
" Input connectors: Stereo input for connecting iPod, MiniDisc or CD player
" USB input for downloading updates, power input.
" Output connector: 3.5 mm socket for headphones
" Controls: Menu, info, standby/power and 4 preset buttons
" volume knob and tune knob.
" LCD display: Easy to read LCD with 16 x 2 character display
" Audio power output: 5W RMS
" Power supply: 230V AC to 12V DC external power adapter
" Battery system: Built-in ChargePAK battery system provides over 15 hours DAB listening.
" Power consumption: In standby 0.7W (industry average 2.64W), in operation 4.7W (industry average 5.49W)
" Approvals: CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC)
" Dimensions (mm): 155 (w) x 230 (h) x 140 (d)
" Aerial: Detachable rubberised aerial

Condition: Recertified by Manufacturer to an as Brand New Condition. Yes it really is that good!!

Warranty: 6 Months warranty Direct with Manufacturer warranty registration card in Box


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How many times have you looked out your window and saw the rain and … How many times have you looked out your window and saw the rain and thought "damn! I wish I had a waterproof radio so I can get that gardening done?" or when your pipes start to leak all over and you would love to fix them but you just don't feel motivated because the radio you have isn't waterproof and you need music to work to?I know…all the time right?Well worry not dear Boffer people because I have the solution! It's our waterproof DAB radio. It has 15 hours of battery life, which is plenty of time to get those weeds pulled because lets be honest, in a place like Britain when if the weather isn't wet it's wetter we must keep the stiff upper lip and embrace it. Men could also use this to their advantage because when not doing manly things in the garden or fixing leaky pipes you could run a nice hot bath and relax whilst listening to love songs on a Sunday morning on Radio 2 without worrying that the radio will be ruined due to all the humidity.

boffer? wtf, when did that happen?

Original Poster mod


boffer? wtf, when did that happen?



Oh no not boffer again, here we go again a new junk deal being posted every day by people who don't realise that boffer only sell tat and don't offer any meaningful warranty with anything they sell.

Hooray for them being posted again! :-D

I like boffer but I dont think they should be posted here everyday. I didn't know boffers were banned from HUKD but I think it was better not to have the daily boffer posted here.

People can just go see what boffer are offering like most other ppl do.

My 2p's worth


Well at least here we can discuss the product properly, and point out why their offer of the day is total rubbish, without the boffer over zealous mods getting all narky.

That said, they should probably be banned from here for describing their products in horribly misleading ways, such as "As Brand New" when they mean "Recertified by Manufacturer"

Can anyone find cheaper???


Can anyone find cheaper???

No but most retailers are selling new ones with a full warranty not used ones.

This is a totally awesome radio. You cannot buy this new now as it is discontinued so the best I have seen is refurb and 6 months warranty.
Heat and rep for a good find.
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